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A Spiritual Journey A spiritual journey of life, death, the Soul and why no Souls are left behind. This intelligently written, thought provoking new book, Continuing the Journey, Conservations Regarding the Soul, provides lucid insights into the Soul, why man is here and the forward journey of the Soul. Explore further at JourneyContinues.net

ET CETERA ET CETERA by Marilyn Duncan. Modern UU parables and musings for personal reflection and spirited group discussion. Amazon.com

PRAYERS FOR FAITH MEETINGS PRAYERS FOR FAITH MEETINGS by Rev. Dr. Claudia Ramisch. Opening and closing words with personal sharing for UU meetings. Amazon.com

PROBING OUR FAITH TRADITION Would you like to better understand Unitarian Universalism, its History, its Theology, its approaches to the Bible, its working for Social Justice? Are you a thoughtful minister, congregational leader, member of a book-discussion group, or a curious single person? Then, Religious Explorations: History, Theology & Spiritual Values, by UU layman/historian Donald A. Bailey, is the book to read. Obtainable from Amazon or as an e-book.

Read “Blue Eyes on African American History” Read “Blue Eyes on African American History” by UU Philip Reiss available at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

The First Advent, by Lloyd Stancliff Read the new Christianity. Jesus is not divine and this book will certainly prove he was an ordinary human being sent by God to perform a ministry. Yes, he performed miracles and yes, he was a prophet and Son of God but to be praying to him is nothing but idolatry. The world has made a tremendous mistake in making Jesus into God and the world will be made to pay for that mistake. Amazon.com