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Events & Tours

JOIN CAROL CHRIST (She Who Changes: Re-Imagining the Divine in the World) ON A GODDESS PILGRIMAGE IN CRETE. Explore ancient sites. Walk sacred paths. Dance a labyrinth by the sea. www.goddessariadne.org, institute at goddessariadne dot org.(541) 345-8306.

Rental Properties

Beautiful South of France House rentals/painting holidays. Inexpensive. Jennifer Griffith, Chemin Faience, 34800 Clermont Herault, France. jennifer.griffith at free dot fr, (+33) 467-96-97-13, http://chez.soleil.free.fr.

Paris Beautiful one-bedroom near the Marais. Sleep 2. Wifi. $1,250/week. parisapartment at verizon dot net.