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Events & Tours

Roger Harmon/Worldviews 2000 Nine years connecting groups of 8-10 travelers with inspiring people, places, insights. Upcoming: 2013: Bhutan (October). 2014: Laos and Vietnam (January); Kyrgyzstan/Central Asia, possibly extension, Turkey (August). rogerharmon123 at gmail dot com 505-217-4727. Also, increased collaboration with the Wilkes, Chiang Rai, Thailand Lannathaivilla.com Enjoy beautiful inn and extraordinary 2013 trips: Bali, Indonesia (August); Myanmar/Burma (October); Nepal and Bhutan (November) stephenwilke at gmail dot com Thank you. Travel well!

Whalecoast Alaska Experience Alaska from the inside: Native culture, whales, bears, moose, glaciers, Denali National Park. Homestays with 4 UU congregations. Positively the BEST way to experience Alaska! www.WhaleCoastAK.org, dfrey@whalecoast.org, or (907) 322-4966. Act now before registration closes.