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Congregational life

Giving a hand to immigrants

'It is one thing to talk about immigration in the abstract and another to hear people's stories.'

Donald E. Skinner | 1/3/2011 | Winter 2010

Choirs bring a 'heart connection'

Unitarian Universalist church choirs strengthen community, deepen personal spirituality.

Donald E. Skinner | 9/6/2010 | Fall 2010

Social media help spread Unitarian Universalism

'If a congregation isn't sharing its good news through multiple channels, it may be missing out.'

Donald E. Skinner | 5/24/2010 | Summer 2010

Congregations benefit from camp experience

'Retreating and camping is a growth opportunity for Unitarian Universalism.'

Donald E. Skinner | 4/5/2010 | Spring 2010

Innovations help congregants hear

People with hearing loss are a big percentage of the people with disabilities who come through our doors on Sunday morning.

Donald E. Skinner | 1/25/2010 | Winter 2009

Youth, adults bond through service trips

Service trips are a great way to help people in need and cultivate a lifelong awareness of the importance of serving others.

Donald E. Skinner | 8/31/2009 | Fall 2009

Congregations organize to combat recession

Tightening their own belts, Unitarian Universalist churches help members in need.

Donald E. Skinner | 5/18/2009 | Summer 2009

Congregations remain hopeful in face of recession

Some congregations have pared back budgets. Most are worried about finding ways to support members in need.

Donald E. Skinner | 2/23/2009 | Spring 2009

Congregations develop programs for seniors

What Unitarian Universalist congregations can do to make churches friendlier places for seniors.

Donald E. Skinner | 11/10/2008 | Winter 2008

More congregations create addiction ministries

125 Unitarian Universalist congregations now offer ministries to people struggling with addiction.

Donald E. Skinner | 10/20/2008 | Fall 2008

Congregations helping other congregations

Aiding another congregation gives 'sense of supporting a larger vision of Unitarian Universalism.'

Donald E. Skinner | 8/11/2008 | Summer 2008