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General Assembly

Dispatches from the annual General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association each June, written by UU World writers.

UUA divests from fossil fuels

Military chaplain offers tools for UU ruck sack

Delegates discuss making GA more inclusive

UUs rappel down convention center at GA

Friday: Apology for misconduct; board discusses deficit

Presidential Search Committee takes a spin in public

53rd General Assembly is underway

53rd General Assembly is underway

A social media roundup of photos and conversation at the opening of the 2014 UUA General Assembly.

Christopher L. Walton | 6/25/2014

GA 2014 opens with tribute to Pete Seeger

$1.3 million deficit surprises UUA administration, board

GA clean energy rally draws attention from EPA

Delegates oppose institutional racism with AIW

AIW passes urging end to corporate personhood