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Families & Faith Development

Bunnies, eggs, and resurrection

Talking with children about horrific news

The value of giving up

Stories about evil can be good for kids


Stories about evil can be good for kids

Children don’t want to hear, watch, or read stories that claim evil does not exist because they are acutely aware—even from very young ages—that it does.

Michelle Richards | 2/28/2011

More love is what we need

Finding, and shaping, a religious community

Preparing children for a world that doesn’t share their values

Making it through


Making it through

She stomped up and down the aisles until she saw her Christmas tree.

Meg Barnhouse | 12/20/2010

Slowing down when the holidays speed up

Celebrating the winter holidays

The Christmas tallis


The Christmas tallis

We raised our daughters as Unitarian Universalists. When Julia responded to the ancient richness of Judaism, I understood.

Diane Cadrain | 11/29/2010 | Winter 2010

If you want grateful children, be grateful