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By Christopher L. Walton

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GA banners (Nancy Pierce)

Delegates assemble with congregational banners before the Opening Ceremony of the UUA's General Assembly. (Nancy Pierce)

The Unitarian Universalist Association holds its 50th General Assembly this week in Charlotte, N.C. UU World will provide extensive daily coverage of the UUA’s annual convention and business assembly June 22–26 as well as meetings of the UUA Board of Trustees on June 21, 22, and 27.

Visit blogs.uuworld.org/ga for the latest reports and daily news summaries, or subscribe to our General Assembly feed. Live video of business plenaries and major events will be available on UUA.org’s General Assembly 2011 page and on a dedicated channel at Livestream. Starting on Thursday, June 23, UU World will also publish a comprehensive guide to our GA coverage, which will be updated daily. Highlights of our coverage will be publicized on UU World’s Facebook page and Twitter page.

Delegates this year will be considering major reforms to the UUA’s governance, with a proposed bylaw amendment that will reduce the size of the Board of Trustees from 26 to 14 beginning in 2014. Another proposal would eliminate Actions of Immediate Witness beginning next year, in order to limit the amount of plenary business at the 2012 “Justice General Assembly” in Phoenix, Ariz. A related proposal would reintroduce a limited number of Actions of Immediate Witness in 2014. Delegates will also vote on a draft Statement of Conscience on “ethical eating,” and will vote on up to six Actions of Immediate Witness. Read more about this year’s GA business.

We’ll also cover other major events at GA, from the Opening Celebration marking the UUA’s golden anniversary to the Service of the Living Tradition to the Sunday morning worship service.

UU World’s team of reporters includes senior editors Sonja L. Cohen, Michelle Bates Deakin, and Donald E. Skinner, with support from managing editor Kenneth Sutton. They’ll be joined by former UU World editor Tom Stites and by the Rev. Dan Harper, a UU minister and blogger. Photographer Nancy Pierce and videographer Peter Bowden will document the convention, with a photo gallery at UU World’s Flickr page. Other UU World staffers, Laura Randall and Christian Schmidt, will be attending GA as ministerial candidates and will post occasionally. Editor Christopher L. Walton will provide reporting from Boston.

Read more of our advance coverage of this year’s General Assembly:

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