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Lessons from the garden

My garden teaches me to have faith.

K. Elting Brock | 5/25/2015 | Summer 2015
Muses of the Song Unsung.

Don’t forget your belongings

We ascend, or descend, inextricably linked with all others.

Celie Katovitch | 5/15/2015 | Summer 2015
Spiral Galaxy M106

Petty love

Love small enough to curse a cell or sky.

Sue Burke | 5/15/2015 | Summer 2015
Illustration of two people hugging

Grief and weariness

Grief has often worn me out, while restoring me to myself at the same time.

Mark L. Belletini | 3/2/2015 | Spring 2015
A homeless man tries to rest inside a canal tunnel

Will we accompany them?

What is the 'gospel' Unitarian Universalists have to share with migrants and deportees on their often forced and dehumanizing journeys?

Colin Bossen | 2/2/2015 | Winter 2014
Wisconsin Farm

What can you see from your back porch?

I used to think my grandfather's worldview was limited and small-minded.

Travis Tennessen | 12/29/2014 | Winter 2014
sleeping infant (

'Let every heart prepare him room'

We are, each of us, still filled with the same promise as a newborn baby.

Jane Ranney Rzepka | 12/22/2014

O gremlins, O St. Anthony!

My faith is in science, but I try to keep an open mind.

Meg Barnhouse | 10/20/2014
People's Climate March button on a SSL shirt

I couldn't not go

More than 1,500 Unitarian Universalists took part in the People's Climate March. I was one of them.

Sonja L. Cohen | 9/29/2014 | Winter 2014
 3 black and white doodles called Zentangles.

Chalices, doodling, and meditation

Meditative doodling as a Unitarian Universalist spiritual practice.

Cynthia Landrum | 9/22/2014 | Fall 2014