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‘I thought I was alone. But I’m not’

‘Depression is way too hard without also thinking you’re alone. I want youth and kids to know it’s okay, even good sometimes, to struggle.’

Kenny Wiley | Blog
UU news
Terasa Cooley and David Carl Olson

Grant will aid Baltimore church’s Black Lives Matter work

$3,000 from James Reeb Fund presented to First Unitarian Church of Baltimore.

Elaine McArdle | 5/18/2015
Illustration of police officer confronting young black man

Nights can be tough

I can’t fully express how scary it is when a man with a gun tells you ‘you’re fighting and trying to walk away from me’ as you stand still, attempting to comply.

Kenny Wiley | 5/18/2015


Janice Marie Johnson, UUA director of Multicultural Ministries and Leadership, and Taquiena Boston, director of Multicultural Growth and Witness, outside Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Alabama

A new ethos

How the Unitarian Universalist Association is promoting Beloved Community today.

Taquiena Boston | 5/11/2015 | Spring 2015


Charina Austin talks with a fellow Baltimore resident during a May 2, 2015, protest of police brutality in Baltimore

‘This is home for me’

A black Baltimore Unitarian Universalist marches for Freddie Gray, her city, and her faith.

Kenny Wiley | 5/10/2015
UU news
Mother and child banner at the front of a protest march

Three mothers and many children to a room

Unitarian Universalists call attention to new detention centers holding hundreds of immigrant families.

Elaine McArdle | 5/8/2015
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Universalism in practice

Black lives matter, because you do not have to be ‘good enough’ to deserve basic human rights.

Nancy McDonald Ladd | 5/4/2015 | Spring 2015
UU news
The UUA Board of Trustees, shown here at the 2014 General Assembly in Providence, R.I.

UUA cuts regional committees that assess seminarians

Board approves 2016 budget, ending funds for Regional Subcommittees on Candidacy; UUA will expand ‘In Care’ programs instead.

Elaine McArdle | 5/4/2015
UU news
lunch for Baltimore students

In Baltimore, Unitarian Universalists look for ways to help

Joining vigils for Freddie Gray, packing lunches for school children, learning from black community’s distress.

Kenny Wiley | 4/30/2015
People form a line between police and fellow protesters in Baltimore on April 28, 2015

In Baltimore, my liberation is bound up with yours

The minister of First Unitarian Church in Baltimore reflects on #BaltimoreUprising.

David Carl Olson | 4/30/2015