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view of the Andromeda galaxy from the Herschel space observatory
SPIRIT: An atheist mystic meets the goddess of love.
By James Ishmael Ford 4.21.14
Rain on a window © Eirik Solheim Questions of comfort
Where do you find comfort in suffering if you don't believe suffering has a greater purpose?
By Sarah MacLeod 4.14.14
Peter Morales © Nancy Pierce Our house, unequally divided
Inequality has reached such toxic levels that it corrupts our relationships and threatens our democracy.
By Peter Morales 4.7.14
Tiffany stained glass window © 2013 John Benford Photography Spiritual landmarks: Exploring Boston's churches
Three historic churches are home to Unitarian Universalist congregations in downtown Boston.
By Christopher L. Walton 3.31.14

Recent Stories

War zone sabbatical
I went to Afghanistan and Iraq to learn something about hope.
IDEAS: By Tim Kutzmark 4.14.14

Beyond comprehension
Visiting Auschwitz, the imagination can only handle so much.
SPIRIT: By Sonja L. Cohen 3.31.14

Fellowship days
I remember the truth and the love and the social justice, but also the cartwheels and the donuts.
LIFE: By Jane Rzepka 3.24.14

SUUSI: The other General Assembly
Unitarian Universalists get hooked on SUUSI, a high-energy, thinking-person's family camp.
LIFE: By Diane Daniel 3.24.14

Fly less, for the earth's sake
One mode of transportation causes particular ethical angst among folks concerned about climate change.
IDEAS: By Kimberly French 3.17.14

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