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backpack (cc Polly Hutchison)
SPIRIT: Imagine your way through the good route / and also the other route.
By John Mercer 7.21.14
Pete Seeger singing at a microphone. © Nancy Pierce/UUA Remembering Pete
To be honest, I still want to grow up to be like Pete Seeger.
By Dan Schatz 7.14.14
Empty water bottles (© Acik/iStockphoto) Unbottled
We've bottled everything from water to religion.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 7.7.14
UUA President Peter Morales (Nancy Pierce) Opportunities are always there
Thriving congregations have leaders who seize the opportunities before them.
By Peter Morales 6.23.14

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T-shirt evangelism
Wearing my Standing on the Side of Love shirt tells the world, including me, what I stand for.
SPIRIT: By Meg Riley 6.16.14

Room to be both Jewish and UU
Religious pluralism was as much a part of our lives as the Southern drawl that flavored our interactions.
LIFE: By Jaclyn Kottman 6.9.14

Our visit to Chernobyl
Sabbatical travel allowed us to see history with our own eyes.
SPIRIT: By Larry Stritof 6.9.14

Painting: Hal's apple
A 'magickal being' from the artist's Incognito Witch project.
SPIRIT: By Mollie Kellogg 6.6.14

Spiritual innovators: Into the beyond
Changing how we do church is scary, but not changing means decline and a lost opportunity.
IDEAS: By Terasa Cooley 6.2.14

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