Five Ways UUs Can Defend and Advance Democracy

Five Ways UUs Can Defend and Advance Democracy

 A quick guide to getting involved in the 2024 election and beyond.

Jeff Milchen
Hand holding a megaphone from which comes title - VOTE.
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Unitarian Universalists who are looking for ways to be involved in the 2024 election and beyond to protect democracy might be wondering where to begin.

Here are some suggestions to help get started with resources and support.

1. Get Involved Early.

Engage with justice-aligned organizations to learn about candidates and ballot issues before they’re in the news. And consider local offices you or your friends might run for. See

2. Connect with UU the Vote.

Check to subscribe to their newsletter, learn volunteer opportunities,
 join the interactive Slack group, or donate. For text updates, text VoteLove to 866-533-1494. 

3. Join Good Trouble Congregations.

If you’re active in a UU congregation, encourage fellow members to work collectively. (Side With Love’s Skill Ups provide a great foundation for folks looking to enhance their impact.) See the program benchmarks and resources at 

4. Plan Now to Help on Election Day.

Volunteer as a poll worker or poll watcher, help people know and get to their polling site, or help in the event of long lines. and are two useful information sources.

5. Help Pass Federal Voter Protections.

Proactive federal legislation is needed to prevent the state-level attacks on voters through gerrymandering, vote suppression, and other tactics. See Side with Love’s guide to writing effective letters to the editor to support the Freedom to Vote Act and John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act. Or see these tips to write your congressional delegation.