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  • Vote to Keep Peace a UU Value

    The revised values proposed as Article II amendments remove from the UUA Bylaws all reference to peace as identified in the current 6th principle. The additional Peace Amendment to be debated at GA adds a “peace” petal to the proposed floral display of values. Based on the 2010 UUA Creating Peace Statement of Conscience (SOC), the amendment (1) applies to all levels — conflicts abroad, in society, our congregations, personal relationships, and within ourselves; and (2) affirms support for non-violence “whenever and wherever possible.”

    Delegates at the 2023 GA overwhelmingly rejected a proposed amendment that offered a different definition of love that included peace. Speakers who opposed that proposal argued that a commitment to peace was inconsistent with UUs anti-racist campaign. Why? A super-majority of UUs have always recognized that justice cannot always be achieved by peaceful means, while respecting and defending the values of pacifist members who are conscientious objectors.

    The current UUA Bylaws commitment to peace has not prevented UUs from defending against and denouncing racist and homophobic aggressors, nor prevented advocacy for “any means necessary" to achieve justice. There is no need to remove the longstanding Bylaws commitment to peace in order to continue and expand the UU commitment to anti-racism, LGBTQ+, and other human rights.

    In addition to reaffirming UUs historic and theological commitment to peace, the proposed amendment also adds to the Bylaws for the first time progressive support for “human rights” at a time when innocent civilians have become targeted victims of genocide and war crimes in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

    A 75% super-majority of GA delegates should reaffirm rather than repudiate the UUA Bylaws commitment to peace as a value and the 2010 SOC that begins: “We believe all people share a moral responsibility to create peace.” Creating Peace 2010 Statement of Conscience

    For more go to Unitarian Universalist Association Forums - Peace as a UU Value

    UU Peace Ministry Network




Real Estate

Real Estate - Cohousing

  • Join Chicago's 1st Cohousing Group

    Oak Park Commons, 24 condos in an intentional community located in our historic village.

    Region: Midwest
  • Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay

    Multigenerational, eco-friendly, welcoming cohousing community located in Tampa Bay, Florida. We’re building 26 homes on 5 acres next door to 4.5 acre UUTampa. Close to USF. We follow UU principles. Come join us! (813) 777-9931

    Region: South
  • Cohousing in Washington State

    Multigenerational, environmentally responsible cohousing being developed in Marysville, WA. 35 miles north of Seattle. Building in 2023.

    Region: West
  • New Cohousing West of Denver

    Blue Columbine Cohousing, Wheat Ridge Colorado. Nestled between Denver and the foothills in Wheat Ridge, residents will have the best of both worlds. Housed on over three acres, we are creating Blue Columbine with 39 available units for sale with multiple shared amenities. We hold some principles especially close to heart: Environmental sustainability, diversity among our members, and connection with one another and our surrounding neighbors. Check out our website, Blue Columbine Cohousing, and use the Get In Touch tab to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

    Region: West
  • Portland, OR Cohousing

    Are you looking for a community of belonging, compassion, and curiosity? We are a group of folks creating a cohousing community in Portland, Oregon—and we’re a fun bunch to boot! We own hillside property with easy access to urban amenities, stunning views, and access to nature. We are designed to include 35 Universally Designed (no stairs!) condo homes with full kitchens, laundry hook-ups, and common-space amenities. We have a strong, committed membership, a successful, experienced professional development team and we would love to meet you. For more information, please call Alicia at (503) 319-5003 or sign up at the Cathedral Park Cohousing website to join us for one of our virtual information sessions. We look forward to meeting you!

    Region: West
  • West Sacramento, CA Cohousing
    Washington Commons Cohousing will move into our new, energy-efficient homes in early 2024! We’re building a safe, vibrant, intentional ​community rooted in a culture of sharing, caring, and common values. Our 0.55 acre property rests on a quiet street in the Washington Neighborhood of West Sacramento with easy access to River Walk Park, the Tower Bridge, and Crocker Art Museum. Every household will own their own single-level residence with access to a wealth of shared common amenities. Homes are available but selling quickly. Contact Shelly today (425) 308-0639 or visit
    Region: West


  • Online Notary

    Video chat notarizations for clients worldwide (must pertain to U.S. business). Some restrictions apply. (904) 583-0939

  • Pet Loss Support Group

    First Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm (Eastern) via Zoom. Facilitated by UU minister. More information at

  • Relationship Coaching

    Co-create a fulfilling and intimate relationship with your romantic partner. Coaching and workshops for individuals and couples. Nonviolent Communication. Sliding scale.

  • Tax Preparation by UU CPA

    Over 35 years experience. Complex tax returns. Planning and advising. 10% first-year discount with gift to UUA or UUSC. Tom Healy, CSA®,, (303) 443-1804, Member, First Unitarian Society of Denver. (p)


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