Nurturing Our Spirit

A lit chalice and a table with candles of joy and concern
Image: © 2021 John Benford

Multiple Voices one Faith

illustration that reads Stitching a Layered Faith on top of stitching graphics

It’s right there in our name: Unitarian Universalism. But the layers go deeper than the consolidation of two American religious traditions. Theological Unitarianism from the radical Reformation in Eastern Europe meets eighteenth-century King’s Chapel in Boston. From John Murray at the...

Image: © 2022 Kate Forrester

Embracing an Ethic of Love

Red thread heart

Being raised a Unitarian Universalist and like many little kids, I had lots of questions about life and death, God and existence. One night, I asked my mom, “Do you believe in God?” She told me she didn’t, but that if she did, she’d believe that God is Love. That message shaped my early...

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Q&A: Public Theologian Jé Exodus Hooper

Image of a person wearing a red leather jacket and red hat cocked sideways. They have long dreads and are reaching toward the camera. Jé Exodus Hooper (they/them) a non-binary preacher who is clergy at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

Dr. Jé Exodus Hooper (they/them) is a non-binary preacher who is clergy at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis and within the Ethical Culture Movement. Here, they share some perspectives on Unitarian Universalism. On being a public theologian I have found it’s best to identify as a public...

Image: Courtesy Jé Exodus Hooper

Moment of Reflection: The Flaw

Red decorative stitching on white cloth with a small section of anomalous purple stitching

The best thing about a hand-made pattern is the flaw. Sooner or later in a hand-loomed rug, among the squares and flattened triangles, a little red nub might soar above a blue field, or a purple cross might sneak in between the neat ochre teeth of the border. The flaw we live by, the wrong color...

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