A Living Tradition

Illustration of a diverse group of people floating candles on a river

Unitarian Universalism has always been a fluid faith, but it has never included everyone. How do we broaden our spiritual practice to ensure that more people feel they belong?

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Leading from the Edge

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The leadership at First Universalist Church of Minneapolis is the future of the Beloved Community in the Unitarian Universalist movement. With a multigenerational, multiracial, multicultural leadership team, we are breaking new ground in the Upper Midwest....

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A different church

Illustration of a person pulling back a curtain to reveal a heart.

I was forthrightly evangelized into Unitarian Universalism. I was thirty-eight years old, living in Maine, driving a snowplow for a living and feeling very sorry for myself when a friend invited me to his church. He said it was different. I rudely refused. I cursed his church. “All blank-ing...

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Re-Visioning History

Book cover "A Queer History of the United States" by Michael Bronski

“ReVisioning History,” an award-winning series of books from Beacon Press, focuses on the stories and impact of marginalized people and communities in U.S. history. Written by leading scholars personally connected to their subjects, “ReVisioning History” and its companion series,...

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Black Joy

A Black father and young daughter looking happy at church with a smiling Black woman sitting in the row behind them.

When theologian Barbara A. Holmes talks about “joy unspeakable,” she’s talking specifically about how the contemplative practices of the Black church have sustained Black people in America through suffering and survival. More than referring to a particular church or denomination, this...

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Meeting Pandemic-Era Trauma with Choices and Radical Hospitality

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Two years into lives defined by unpredictability, isolation, and grief, people are carrying the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, each in their own way. In congregational life, “We’ve got people who are desperate to be together in person,” the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevens says, while some...

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The Change

Black man in dynamic motion with reflection

I can feel the change coming Like growing pains I feel the change in my bones Pulling me Stretching me Forming me Into the true I am Can you feel it? The change in our bodies As we adapt Grow Change The weight shifting and molding to fit This evolving body that we are in Guided by faith that this...

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