30 Days of Love: Inspiring UUs in the Fight for Bodily Autonomy

30 Days of Love: Inspiring UUs in the Fight for Bodily Autonomy

In the third week of Side With Love’s campaign, we contemplate our individual rights and our responsibilities toward others.

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Reimagining a new world together means building one that respects every person’s dignity and bodily autonomy.

How can our daily deeds serve to create a reality where everyone is cared for, diversity is celebrated, and we respect each other’s sacredness?

That’s what we reflect upon as we continue our 30 Days of Love journey. The month-long celebration offers, “spiritual nourishment and shares wisdom from compelling Unitarian Universalist voices,” says Side With Love.

This week's spiritual theme is possibility, with resources focused on the social justice priority of bodily autonomy, which includes LGBTQIA+, reproductive, gender, and disability justice.

It can be draining to read about oppressive bills, laws, and court decisions that funnel people into the carceral machine, strip reproductive rights, center ableist attitudes, or aim to erase transgender people from public existence and deny them life-affirming care.

And yet, Unitarian Universalists should move forward for the sake of love and mutual liberation.

“In the midst of what is, there are glimmers of what could be. There are holy moments of possibility that we must lean into during these desperate times,” states Week Three’s Reflection, “Uplifting Sacred Responsibility” by Rev. Amanda Schuber, Disability Justice associate; Rev. Jami Yandle, Trans Support specialist; and Rev. Ranwa Hammamy, Congregational Organizer.

Here are some Side With Love tools available to buoy your spirit.

30 Days of Love Week Three: Review Resources and Dwell on Possibility

In the Time for All Ages video, Rev. Hannah Villnave shares insights about Bruce, her cat, to explain bodily autonomy and our individual responsibility to community.

Experience it below:

Time for All Ages for Possibility by Hannah Villnave

Each week, 30 Days of Love offers a:

  • Reflection
  • Blessing
  • Body Practice
  • Time for All Ages
  • Grounding Exercise
  • Prayer

Find all of Week Three’s resources at sidewithlove.org/week-three-january-29-february-4.

To learn more about 30 Days of Love, check: sidewithlove.org/thirty-days-of-love.

30 Days of Love: Week Three. Possibility :: Bodily Autonomy (LGBTQIA+, reproductive, gender, and disability justice)
30 Days of Love includes weekly spiritual themes and related resources.
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