Ignite Your Heart: A Quick Guide to Side With Love’s 30 Days of Love

Ignite Your Heart: A Quick Guide to Side With Love’s 30 Days of Love

What to know about the annual celebration that offers spiritual nourishment, political grounding, and more.

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What would a just and inclusive world look like? How can we work together to make that a joyful reality?

During the annual 30 Days of Love celebration, which began Monday, we’re encouraged to participate in "Imagining an Interdependent Future" and reflect on possibility.

Side With Love—the Unitarian Universalist Association’s public advocacy campaign that turns love into actions intended to stop oppression—introduces its 30 Days of Love activities like this:

“This year’s 30 Days of Love is a gift to our whole community: a love letter, a warm hug, a spiritual balm for all of the individuals, families, religious professionals, partners, and communities that embody our values and work for justice and liberation (year-round).”

The 30 Days of Love celebration offers spiritual nourishment and shares wisdom from compelling UU voices, Side With Love says.

So, how can you mark 30 Days of Love? Here’s a quick guide to the full schedule and an overview of this week’s theme.

When is 30 Days of Love in 2024?

As the name suggests, 30 Days of Love runs for about a month, between Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Valentine’s Day. The main activities happen over four spiritual-themed weeks and extend into three bonus days.

30 Days of Love 2024 started Monday, January 15 and ends Sunday, February 11. Bonus Days are from Monday, February 12 to Wednesday, February 14.

To stay updated, we suggest bookmarking sidewithlove.org/30-days-of-love-2024.

What Are the 30 Days of Love Spiritual Themes for Each Week?

The 30 Days of Love spiritual themes highlight Side With Love’s intersectional justice priorities, according to its website.

The themes are:

  • Week One (January 15 to January 21)
    Safety :: Decriminalization
  • Week Two (January 22 to January 28)
    Reimagining :: Climate Justice
  • Week Three (January 29 to February 4)
    Possibility :: Bodily Autonomy (LGBTQIA+, reproductive, gender, and disability justice)
  • Week Four (February 5 to February 11)
    Resilience :: Democracy & Electoral Justice
  • Bonus Days (February 12 to February 14)
    Interdependence :: Liberatory Intersections
30 Days of Love: Week One. Safety :: Decriminalization. (January 15 to January 21). Learn more: sidewithlove.org/30daysoflove2024
30 Days of Love includes weekly spiritual themes and related resources.
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What Can I Expect during 30 Days of Love?

During 30 Days of Love, engaging and thoughtful resources will be available at the start of each week.

At noon (EST) every Monday, you can expect:

• A weekly Side With Love message;
• A Time For All Ages activity;
• A video of Body Practice;
• A thematic prayer;
• A thematic blessing;
• A grounding practice.

Check sidewithlove.org/30-days-of-love-2024 for more information on each of those resources and to access them as soon as they are available.

30 Days of Love Week One: Spiritual Theme, Highlights, and Resources

This first week’s theme is Safety :: Decriminalization.

In the Reflection, Nicole Pressley, Side With Love’s Field & Programs director, describes how decriminalization makes the world safer:

“Decriminalization is a process of healing and (re)connection. A just and abundant concept of safety requires all of us. It proclaims a future where care and safety are abundant because our relationships are cultivated through mutuality, not domination. We act, showing up with and for communities to win campaigns and to grow a network of love, compassion and care. This is the work of community building. This is how we keep us safe.”

Find all of Week One’s resources at sidewithlove.org/week-one-january-15-january-21, including this Grounding Practice for Safety by Lora Powell-Haney.