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Low hanging fruit (Angie Reed Garner)

Low hanging fruit

Painting is where I struggle to see the world as it is.
By Angie Reed Garner
Spring 2009 2.15.09

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low hanging fruit, © 2008 by Angie Reed Garner. Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches.

Angie Reed Garner is a second-generation narrative painter (see her mother Joyce Garner’s work in the Spring 2007 issue) and a second-generation UU. low-hanging fruit reflects her recent experience living in Pakistan and the Middle East. “Right and wrong,” she writes, “and who did what are not the questions to ask when trying to figure out wars and bombs. The better question is, what will it take to create peaceful, just relations? I’ve been overwhelmed more days than not, just living through current events. Painting is where I struggle to see the world as it is.”

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