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Don't Fence Me In

Don't fence me in

Narrative symbolism on large, colorful canvases.
By Joyce Garner
Spring 2007 2.15.07

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Don’t Fence Me In. © 2006 by Joyce Garner. Oil on two canvases, 72 x 112 inches.

“Painting is process,” says artist Joyce Garner. “Choices are made. Color, line, scale, and their interactions are tools I use to communicate and search for truth. The goal is to make art that is clear, that ‘rings true,’ and remains accessible to the viewer.”

“Unitarian Universalism honors process,” she adds.

Garner has exhibited in the United States and internationally. “After decades of painting, my work has moved up the scale in color and size—colorful; large scale; figurative; ‘narrative symbolism.’ I am a mature artist, and the content of my work reflects my life experiences. My art is still growing. I want it to be stronger, truer.”

You can find more examples of her work as well as gallery and contact information on her website. (See sidebar for link.)

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