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Pendant. © 2009 by Dara Schumaier

Creations: Pendant

Artist learned to make her own chalice pendant.
By Dara Schumaier
Spring 2010 2.15.10

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Pendant. © 2009 by Dara Schumaier. Sterling silver, constructed of silver precious metal clay, kiln-fired and finished, with a liver of sulfur patina.

Schumaier, “a (nearly) lifelong UU and artist,” says she searched for “a piece of chalice jewelry that fit me, personally. The ones I had been able to find were either too small, too plain, too modern, or just not my ideal. I needed something that reflected the warmth of the flame, as the heat and light generated by this flame is central to what the chalice means to me. I decided the only way that was going to happen was if I learned to make my own.”

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