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Watercolor illustration (© Hannah Holby) of a boy and dog from 'About Death: A Unitarian Universalist Book for Kids'

Little books about big stuff

A new series of children's books from the team that produced 'uu&me!' magazine.
By Sonja L. Cohen
Summer 2014

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About Death: A Unitarian Universalist Book for Kids and About God: A Unitarian Universalist Book for Kids, ed. by Betsy Williams, Jane Rzepka, Ken Sawyer, and Noreen Kimball, illus. by Hannah Holby (uu&me Publishing; $14.95).

Unitarian Universalist parents struggling to help their children understand life’s big questions will appreciate a new series of books for UU kids, “Little Books About Big Stuff,” from the team that produced uu&me! magazine from 1997 to 2009.

Each book, with watercolor illustrations by Hannah Holby, starts with a story aimed at younger elementary school children. A section of questions and answers tackles some of children’s most difficult questions, such as “Why do people die?” and “Can God make stuff happen?”

A third title, About Right and Wrong, will join About Death (2012, featured above) and About God (2013) in the series this summer. (uuandmepublishing.com)

This article appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of UU World (page 14). Illustration (above): © Hannah Holby (courtesy uu&me Publishing). See sidebar for links to related resources.

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