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Community news can nurture civic health
News organizations need to bridge the divide between journalism and the public.
By Dan Kennedy 1.26.15

Why immigration is a moral issue
America's immigration system isn't simply broken. It's immoral.
By Daniel Stracka 11.8.10

The gift of playing God
What if 'playing God' called to mind our liberal theological ideas rather than an all-powerful deity?
By Barnaby Feder 10.11.10

Governance for the next half-century
Why the UUA Board of Trustees is promoting change.
By Gini Courter and Tom Loughrey 6.7.10

Who owns your congregation?
A congregation's owner isn't its board, minister, or members; it is its mission.
By Dan Hotchkiss 3.8.10

Religion and science can be partners
An atheist sees a shared commitment to human advancement in science and in religion.
By Bruce Sheiman 1.4.10

Reach out to become a public church
A Unitarian Universalist church should see the greater good as its primary purpose.
By Michael Durall 9.7.09

The promised land is under your feet
Communities owe their health to those with the fortitude to stay put.
By Michael Schuler 7.6.09

Working together to create common security
Sharing each other's burdens in a time of economic crisis.
By Chuck Collins 2.23.09

Women crafting a better world
Transforming lives through global social entrepreneurship.
By Christine Nielsen 12.1.08

Do you have just enough anxiety?
Anxiety can be a major source of energy in our lives and our organizations.
By Robert Rosen 9.29.08

The avatar's advantage
Cast your goals in mythic terms to make a lasting difference.
By Tad Waddington 7.28.08

Was your town a sundown town?
How to find out if your community intentionally excluded African Americans.
By James Loewen 2.18.08

Share what you learn about sundown towns
Get ready to tell your congregation's story.
By Sonja L. Cohen 2.15.08

The War on Drugs' war on families
A documentary film shows the tragic consequences of mandatory minimum sentences.
By Melissa Mummert 1.28.08

Even secular parents are religious educators
If you don't answer your children's religious questions, someone else will
By Roberta M. Nelson 8.27.07

Stem cell research offers hope
But politics is interfering with medical research.
By Molly DeHaas Walsh 7.16.07

Our interdependent weather forecast
Weather is the great equalizer, reminding us that we share one world.
By Laura Lee 3.19.07

Stick your neck out
How you can make a difference.
By John Graham 1.1.07

Hungry for democracy
A new vision of democracy is emerging.
By Frances Moore Lappe 10.9.06

Unlikely partners saved a threatened species
Landowners, environmentalists, and policymakers worked together.
By Brent Haglund 4.17.06

Three ways husbands express love
A new book surveys men in heterosexual marriages.
By Neil Chethik 2.13.06

Creating UU family Christmas rituals
Finding the right mix of family traditions.
By Meg Cox 11.28.05

Don't just say no
Abstinence-only programs hurt kids and society.
By Cynthia Kuhn 8.14.05

Spiritual lessons from running
Ten spiritual lessons that running has taught me.
By Lisa Watts 8.8.05

Preventing nuclear terrorism
The urgent need to secure weapons-grade nuclear material.
By Guy Quinlan 1.1.05

Where is the line between life and death?
How long should someone, unable to live on her own, be kept alive?
By W. Frederick Wooden 9.1.04

Strategies for effective activists
Lessons learned in the fight for reproductive rights.
By Erika Fox 3.1.04