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Opening words, Winter 2010
Spiritual enthusiasm toward the enrichment of human life.
By John H. Dietrich 11.1.10

Opening words, Fall 2010
For entering and departing a church.

Religious community is essential
The central task of the religious community.
By Mark Morrison-Reed 2.1.10

Opening words, Summer 2009
A Unitarian Universalist prayer from Kenya.
By Alice Kenunto Magara 5.15.09

An entangled bank
The grandeur of the evolutionary worldview.
By Charles Darwin 2.12.09

Opening Words, Winter 2008
I declare a reign of holiness.
By David O. Rankin 1.19.09

Opening Words, Fall 2008
You can’t be a person by yourself.
By Victoria Safford 8.18.08

Opening words, Spring 2008
Fast, and feast.
By John B. Wolf 2.15.08

Opening words, Winter 2007
Words on spiritual freedom.

Opening words, Spring 2006
We are citizens in an interdependent community of life.
By Aldo Leopold 2.15.06

Opening words, Winter 2005
The mind loves its old home.
By Ralph Waldo Emerson 11.1.05

Liberal theology's commitments
By Paul Rasor 8.15.05

Opening words, May-June 2005
By John Andrew Storey 5.1.05