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Tian Piwonka-Corle lights chalice (Rebecca Stumpf)
LIFE: The Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, Colorado, needed transformation. What a difference five years has made!
By Elaine McArdle 9.15.14
Detail: The Broken-Open Heart, © Daniel Nevins Embracing a new universalism
We find our completeness in knowing that we are woven out of each other and the cosmos itself.
By James Ishmael Ford 9.1.14
Standing on the Side of Love sign All are welcome, to a point
Anti-abortion activists interrupted a Unitarian Universalist worship service, then complained when they were ushered out.
By Darcy Baxter 9.15.14
no entry sign In hopes of traveling light
Some people seek balance and stability, but I like to be off-kilter.
By Jane Rzepka 9.8.14

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Selling the seeds of change
A UU-founded company is on a mission to reclaim our seed heritage.
LIFE: By Nicole Sweeney Etter 8.25.14

Suffering on trial
Three liberal theologians take on the problem of suffering.
IDEAS: By Myriam Renaud 8.18.14

A kind of mirror
I never considered myself a visual artist, but then, I never expected to have cancer.
SPIRIT: By Jonah Eller-Isaacs 8.11.14

When pigs fly
Do we try too hard to grasp joy when it comes?
LIFE: By Meg Barnhouse 8.4.14

Seminary 3.0
Meadville Lombard has transformed its approach to theological education.
IDEAS: By TK Barger 7.28.14

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