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community journalism (Robert Neubecker)
IDEAS: News organizations need to bridge the divide between journalism and the public.
By Dan Kennedy 1.26.15
Wisconsin Farm (Randen Pederson) What can you see from your back porch?
I used to think my grandfather's worldview was limited and small-minded.
By Travis Tennessen 12.29.14
Martin Luther King Jr. (© Flip Schulke/CORBIS) The radical King we don't know
Does America have the capacity to heed the radical Martin Luther King Jr., or must America sanitize King in order to evade and avoid his challenge?
By Cornel West 1.19.15
Child's hands holding tarantula Tarantula
I faced my fears and they faced me. It wasn't that big a deal.
By Meg Barnhouse 1.12.15

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Selma at the cinema
An important film introduces Unitarian Universalists Reeb and Liuzzo, but doesn't mention their faith.
IDEAS: By John Buehrens 1.19.15

A life lesson from Hollywood
In 'Selma,' James Reeb offers a compelling lesson in being a racial justice ally.
IDEAS: By Aisha Hauser 1.19.15

Selma's challenge
In the past, our religious forebears had stood on the brink of making a difference in racial justice, and had wavered. Not this time.
IDEAS: By Mark Morrison-Reed 1.5.15

'Let every heart prepare him room'
We are, each of us, still filled with the same promise as a newborn baby.
SPIRIT: By Jane Rzepka 12.22.14

Seeing your sanctuary by candlelight
Candlelight transforms a meetinghouse for Christmas Eve.
LIFE: By Sonja L. Cohen 12.16.14

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