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UU World, the quarterly magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association, is now available in a digital edition that can be read on your tablet or in any browser.

UUWorld issue on computer and tablet screens

How is UU World Digital different than uuworld.org?

  • UU World Digital provides a digital replica of the print magazine, customized for your browser, desktop, or tablet. It includes high-resolution versions of all art and advertising from the print magazine, so you can enjoy the articles in their original context.

  • UU World’s website, uuworld.org, presents most articles and some of the art and photography from the quarterly print magazine, and offers expanded news coverage, online-only columns and articles, and weekly blog updates.

About UU World Digital

With a UU World Digital subscription, you can access the complete magazine from any web browser, download it to your computer, or read it using custom apps for your Android, Kindle Fire, or iPad tablets.

You can read every article, enjoy every illustration and photograph, and browse every ad—and you can search the full text of each issue for keywords, share articles with friends, access back issues (starting with Spring 2014), and click links in articles or ads and go directly to the web.

A digital subscription entitles you to the browser edition and all three app editions. With a laptop or tablet, you can have access to UU World wherever you are, even if you leave the print magazine home—even if you have given it away.

Digital subscribers will receive an email notification when each new issue is published. Tablet app users will receive notifications on their tablets, too. UU World Digital subscriptions are provided by Qmags, a leading digital magazine vendor. For specific questions about Qmags, visit its FAQ.

Please note: Tablet apps are available for free in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Kindle App Store. Access your subscription in any tablet app by logging in using the subscription information you receive from Qmags. You may purchase a digital subscription within the tablet app itself, although the in-app subscription price does not offer a print-subscriber discount.

Send questions or feedback about UU World Digital to world@uua.org.