About Our Readers


  • They're educated: 94% attended college
  • They're affluent: average household income is $79,000
  • They're responsive: 89% order merchandise/services by mail/phone
  • They're avid readers: 90% read books as a leisure activity
  • They're charitable: 95% contribute to one or more causes
  • They're socially active: 78% are involved with one or more social causes

In a 1993 survey of 113,000 Americans conducted by professors at City University of New York, Unitarian Universalists had the highest percentage of college graduates among the nation's religions. Unitarian Universalists ranked second in the category of median household income after Reform Judaism.

The UUWorld is published under the auspices of the Unitarian Universalist Association, which serves 212,000 UUs in more than 1,000 congregations across North America.

UUWorld Reader Profile


Attended college 94%

Graduate study 65%

Graduate degree 52%


Own their primary residence 77%

Average household income $79,000

Average household market value $324,000


Professional (doctor, lawyer, architect, etc.) 19%

Retired 26%

Self Employed 7%

Homemaker 6%


Median 57 years


Female 65%

Male 31%

UU World readers own investments:

Mutual Funds 55%

IRA/Koegh 53%

Money Market Funds 44%

Corporate Stocks/Bonds 43%

49% of UUWorld readers use the services of investment advisors

UU World readers are Responsive...

  • 89% of UUWorld readers ordered merchandise/services by mail/phone in the past year, with a mean spending of $2,674.

Books 73%

Travel: Airfare, Car Rentals, etc. 58%

Clothing 58%

Travel: Accommodation and Information 56%

Gifts 52%

Audio/Visual Media 38%

Software 33%

Magazines 30%

Seminars and Continuing Education 20%

Gardening Tools 14%

Environmental/Natural Products 13%

UU World readers are Active...

The leisure activities of UUWorld readers:

Read Books 90%

Attend Concerts/Music Performance 82%

Church/Charitable Work 78%

Exercise/Physical Fitness 77%

Visit Gallery/Museum 72%

Attend Show/Theater 70%

Gardening 65%

Adult Education/Workshops 60%

Volunteer for Social Causes 50%

UUWorld Readers Are Socially Responsible

  • 95% of UUWorld readers have contributed to one or more causes in the past year:

Religion 67%

Public TV/Radio 56%

Environmental Funds/Endangered Species 44%

Education 42%

Hunger 48%

Social Services 35%

Reproductive Rights 32%

Medical/Health Issues 30%

Animal Rights & Shelters 26%

Women's Rights 23%

  • UUWorld readers hold liberal political viewpoints:

Liberal 60%

Moderate 16%

Progressive 12%

Centrist 2%

Conservative 2%

UUWorld Readers Are Connected

  • 85% of UUWorld readers have a computer at home connected to the internet.
  • 94% of UUWorld readers purchased books in the past year, spending and average amount of $247.
  • 90% of UUWorld readers prefer to purchase "green" products.
  • 75% of UUWorld readers participate in spiritual practices, and 48% practice meditation.

Source: Lewis and Clark Research, April 2005

Editorial Profile

UUWorld, the journal of the Unitarian Universalist Association, features articles on religion, society, ethics, and arts written from a non-dogmatic, liberal religious perspective. UUWorld readers care about values like social justice, religious freedom, democratic decision making, and community service. Recent issue themes include spirituality from paganism to humanism; race and class; the changing family; and welfare reform.

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