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Online banner ads are graphic web ads, which you design, that will click through to your web page. Our banners are displayed in two sizes depending on the site visitor's device. On standard computer screens an extra wide banner displays at the top and bottom of each page on the site. A large, square ad displays on small screens (phones and smaller tablets).

Technical specifications

  • Advertiser must supply two image files at the following dimensions (measured in pixels; must be exact):
    • 1280 x 320
    • 640 x 640
  • Format: JPEG
  • Maximum File size: 150 KB


  • Online banner only: $36 CPM*
  • Bundled with a UU World print (display) ad: $18 CPM* (You've placed a display ad in the previous, current, or next issue.)

*CPM stands for "cost per mille" or "cost per thousand." Total cost will be the CPM price, multiplied by the total number of impressions (page views), divided by 1,000. Example: An online only ad run for 10,000 page views will cost $360. The same ad run as bundled will cost $180.

Your ad will run in rotation with other advertisers' ads, changing as visitors refresh or navigate from page to page. Your cost will vary based on website traffic and the number of ads in rotation. An ad run for 10,000 page views will be active for a month or longer. In a typical month, your ad may receive 5,000 to 8,000 page views. You can choose to run your ad without limiting the page views or, for a predictable cost, you can specify the number of page views you want to purchase. Too small a number of page views may limit engagement with your ad. We recommend running your ad for at least a month and/or 10,000 page views.

Design Services

Advertisers should have a working relationship with a graphic designer. We offer the following referral to a designer whose work we know and trust and who is familiar with our technical design specs. Please contact him directly to discuss your individual needs and his applicable fees.

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