Media roundup: UU minister hired by campaign as faith outreach director

Media roundup: UU minister hired by campaign as faith outreach director

Pete Buttigieg campaign hires the Rev. Shawna Foster for faith outreach; hosting immigrant in sanctuary takes massive volunteer commitment; Unity Temple designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg hired the Rev. Shawna Foster, a UU minister, as his campaign’s faith outreach director. Describing previous approaches to faith outreach, Foster said, “The conversation about religion and politics has been dominated by one particular type of religion” and that she wants the campaign to reach out to “faiths that typically haven’t had much say in politics.” (Washington Post, August 9)

What it takes to provide sanctuary

Speaking to NPR, the Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, senior minister of Cedar Lane UU Church in Bethesda, Maryland, which has been hosting Rosa Gutierrez Lopez for months (see page 6), described the massive volunteer commitment it takes: “We have people putting in four-hour shifts or more during the day. . . . At night, we have companions for the children. Then we have people who take the children out to activities or outings like shopping for school. We have people engaged in going to buy groceries. Then we have people who make food. And this is every day. It’s not like you do it once and then you’re done.” (NPR, September 1)

More UUs in the news

Levi Draheim, a 12-year-old UU from Florida who is one of twenty-one youth suing the federal government for its inaction on climate change, participated in several events with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Draheim also appeared in a segment of All In with Chris Hayes. ( Florida Today and MSNBC, September 20)

Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Chicago Sun-Times, July 7)

The Rev. Wendy Von Courter of the UU Church of Marblehead, Massachusetts, was part of a 76-mile march from Boston to Dover, New Hampshire, to protest the government’s treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers. (Daily News, August 22)

The Rev. Judith Campbell, a mystery writer and UU minister, was profiled in the Boston Globe. (September 11)

Buckman Bridge UU Church in Jacksonville, Florida, stepped in when the local library canceled a prom for LGBTQ teens. (Washington Post, July 1)

Jan Phillips, a member of First UU Church of Columbus, Ohio, accompanies immigrants to court and to check-ins with ice. Twice monthly, she and other members of her church set up a table outside the ice facility, providing cookies, water, information, and support to immigrants arriving to meet with immigration officials. Phillips said they want to say to people, “There are those of us in this country who do not agree with what’s being done to you.” (Columbus Dispatch, August 1)

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