Books by UU authors, Spring 2010

Books by UU authors, Spring 2010

A selection of recent books by Unitarian Universalists.


“Then Roy Said to Mickey…” The Best Yankees Stories Ever Told . Roy White with Darrell Berger. Triumph Books, 2009; $22.95. Former New York Yankees player and coach Roy White gives an insider’s view, including previously untold stories of the team’s fall in the 1960s and their reemergence as a powerhouse in the mid 1970s. The Rev. Darrell Berger, coauthor, is the minister of the UU Congregation in Orange, N.J.

Saving Sailing. Nicholas D. Hayes. Crickhollow Books, 2009; $22. Hayes examines the reasons for the decline of sailing as a pastime and builds the case for sailing as a way to rethink priorities and foster relationships, especially between generations. Hayes, a market researcher and avid sailor, is a member of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee.

Refusing War, Affirming Peace. Jeffrey Kovac. Oregon State Univ. Press, 2009; $21.95. Tells the story of Civilian Public Service Camp #21 at Cascade Locks, Ore., where conscientious objectors served their country during World War II through forestry, firefighting, and park maintenance. Kovac is a professor of chemistry at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and a member of Tennessee Valley UU Church.

The Body in the Sleigh. Katherine Hall Page. HarperCollins, 2009; $15.99. While on holiday with her family on Sanpere Island in Maine, Faith Fairchild has to solve two mysteries, one an untimely death, the other a baby abandoned in a manger on Christmas Eve. Mystery writer Katherine Hall Page has won three Agatha Awards. She is a member of the Society of King’s Chapel in Boston, Mass.

The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Large and Small . Lisa Earle McLeod. Penguin, 2010; $21.95. McLeod, a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and business consultant, uses the image of a triangle to show how two conflicting ideas can be assimilated to create a higher-level solution. McLeod is the author of several books, including Forget Perfectand Finding Grace When You Can’t Even Find Clean Underwear. She is a member of the UU Congregation of Gwinnet, Ga.

Gender and Culture. Rosa Mayreder. Trans. by Pamela S. Saur. Ariadne Press, 2009; $26. Saur provides the first English translation of Rosa Mayreder’s collection of feminist essays, originally published in German in 1923. Mayreder (1858– 1938) was a major European feminist and peace activist as well as a scholar and writer. Saur is a member of Spindletop Unitarian Church in Beaumont, Tex., and has previously published translations of Legacy of Ashesby Herbert Zand and Broken Songs: An Adolescent in War-Torn Vienna by Graziella Hlawaty.

Don’t Sabotage Your Submission: Save Your Manuscript from Turning Up D.O.A. Chris Roerden. Bella Rosa Books, 2008; $17.95. Roerden, a book editor, offers advice on how to make sure a manuscript makes it through the submission process. She provides a number of examples from successful writers, along with a helpful appendix of resources. The book received the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Award for Literary Criticism. Roerden is a member of the UU Church of Greensboro, N.C.

All Eyes: A Mother’s Struggle to Save her Schizophrenic Son. Phoebe Hoss. Carolina Wren Press, 2010; $15.95. Unflinchingly honest, Hoss’s memoir describes the progression of her son’s illness from childhood until he committed suicide at age 27 and the way the illness impacted his family. Hoss is a member of the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City, and has written two children’s books, Noses Are for Roses, and Better Never than Late.

A History of Universalism in North Carolina. Peggy Ward Rawheiser. Universalist Convention of North Carolina, c/o Denominational Affairs Committee, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, N.C., 2007; $24.95. Rawheiser is a fourth-generation Universalist and member of the First Unitarian Society of Wilmington, Del.

At the Foot of Cold Mountain. Phyllis Inman Barnett. Pigeon Press, 2009; $20. A narrative and pictorial history of Sunburst, N.C., which presents a view of rural Universalism and the lives of a Universalist family in the western North Carolina mountains from the early 1850s to 1957. Barnett is a member of the UUs of Clearwater, Fla.