Guide to 2013 General Assembly coverage

Guide to 2013 General Assembly coverage

An updated guide to our coverage of the UUA General Assembly in Louisville.


Below are direct links to UU World’s reports on the 2013 General Assembly in Louisville, Ky. We will continue to update this guide throughout GA. Visit our General Assembly blog for the latest reports. For live video of major events, on-demand video, and transcripts, visit’s General Assembly 2013 page.

Reports are organized here by the date of the event, even if we published our report the next day.

Latest updates

Sunday, June 23

GA ends in celebration, installation of new leaders (Donald E. Skinner, 6.23.13)

3,426 people participated in Louisville GA (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.23.13)

Recommitting to antiracism, thanking Gini Courter (Christopher L. Walton, 6.23.13)

Courter urges assembly to set the UUA's vision (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.23.13)

Ministry fund created in Courter's honor (Donald E. Skinner, 6.23.13)

Passed: Fossil fuel divestment AIW (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.23.13)

Delegates oppose institutional racism with AIW (Donald E. Skinner, 6.23.13)

AIW passes urging end to corporate personhood (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.23.13)

GA celebrates completion of ‘Tapestry of Faith’ (Christopher L. Walton, 6.23.13)

Learning from Meadville Lombard’s move (Peter Bowden, 6.23.13)

Delegates adopt amendments to elections bylaws (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.23.13)

Sunday worship: Our covenant with all being (Christopher L. Walton, 6.23.13)

Texts of today’s draft Actions of Immediate Witness (Christopher L. Walton, 6.23.13)

Saturday, June 22

Exultant Service of the Living Tradition: Dive! (Christopher L. Walton, 6.23.13)

Key wins moderator election by 40 votes (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.22.13)

Delegates approve Article II bylaw changes (Donald E. Skinner, 6.22.13)

Delegates approve bylaw changes about electronic voting (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.22.13)

Three proposed AIWs added to 2013 agenda (Christopher L. Walton, 6.22.13)

Delegates approve bylaw changes adding regions (Christopher L. Walton, 6.22.13)

Rev. Mel Hoover receives Distinguished Service Award (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.22.13)

Synergy photos: Committing to the future (Nancy Pierce, 6.22.13)

Delegates consider six AIW proposals (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.22.13)

Charlie King receives President’s Award for Volunteer Service (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.22.13)

Friday, June 21

Eboo Patel urges interfaith involvement (Donald E. Skinner, 6.21.13)

General Assembly imagines its future, on Twitter! (Christopher L. Walton, 6.21.13)

Delegates donate $16K to New Orleans congregations (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.23.13)

District board wants to delay its business resolution (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.21.13)

Assembly adopts immigration Statement of Conscience (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.21.13)

Commission on Appraisal report explores authority (Donald E. Skinner, 6.21.13)

Board, financial advisor report on budgets (Christopher L. Walton, 6.21.13)

Plenary honors retiring Kay Montgomery (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.21.13)

GA welcomes international guests (Donald E. Skinner, 6.22.13)

Preliminary report shows 3,256 people registered for GA (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.21.13)

Thursday, June 20

Candidates make final appeal in moderator race (Christopher L. Walton, 6.21.13)

On the banks of the Ohio River, UUs rally for clean energy (Michelle Bates Deaking, 6.20.13)

Divestment, shareholder advocacy hot topic at GA (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.21.13)

Article II change recommended by miniassembly (Donald E. Skinner, 6.21.13)

Making congregations safer and more sexually responsible (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.21.13)

Wednesday, June 19

UUA welcomes one new congregation at 2013 GA (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.19.13)

General Assembly opens in Louisville (Donald E. Skinner, 6.20.13)

Video: Environmental justice bus tour (Peter Bowden, 6.20.13)

Trustees meet for last time as 25-member board (Christopher L. Walton, 6.20.13)

UUMA gives honorary membership to Kay Montgomery (Michelle Bates Deaking, 6.20.13)

New rules approved for ministers’ relationships (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.19.13)