Championship round: The most UU thing ever, MMXVII edition

extinguishing the chalice at 2010 General Assembly

Two Utterly UU Things made it to the championship round. Will the victor light the chalice or give life the shape of justice?

Kenny Wiley

Image: Will “Spirit of Life” extinguish Lighting the Chalice’s bid to a second championship? (© Nancy Pierce)

© Nancy Pierce


For the second year in a row, Lighting the Chalice and “Spirit of Life” face off in the final round of UU World's “Most UU Thing of All Time” March Madness competition. Voters stayed on beat despite our attempts to distract them with new-to-the-contest but well-loved UU things such as Adventurous Clapping and Going to Plays and Musicals. Maybe our most common ritual and our best-known hymn simply are the ultimate in utterly UU things.

So, will Lighting the Chalice start a UCONN-esque streak of titles, or will Unitarian Universalists’ anti-authoritarian streak finally rear its head and lead voters to crown “Spirit of Life”? Hold your roots close and fly on down to vote below, and thanks for joining in!

Voting in the title round will be open through the weekend, so vote along with your fellow UUs Sunday after worship or at the 9:45 a.m. Forum in the Margaret Fuller Room!

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