Media roundup: Faithfully resisting with rallies, welcome signs, and legislation

Media roundup: Faithfully resisting with rallies, welcome signs, and legislation

A weekly guide to stories about Unitarian Universalists from other media sources.

Rachel Walden


At the World Hijab Day vigil in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Rev. Nori Rost of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church spoke out against the perception that Muslim women are oppressed, reminding people that oppression can happen in many religions. “There are many women in very conservative Christian homes that have less rights than Muslim women around the world," she said, "because of their belief that the husband is the head of the household and women are to be submissive to the man." ( – 2.2.17)

At an interfaith gathering at the Masjid Al-Ikhlas Mosque in Newburgh, New York, the Rev. Chris Antal, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern and Greater Newburgh Interfaith Council president, observed, “Yesterday President Trump took a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty and dashed the hopes of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free across the globe.” ( Warwick Advertiser – 1.30.17)

Debby Rodrigues, a member of Pullman Memorial Universalist Church in Albion, New York, purchased a banner proclaiming “Immigrants and Refugees Welcome” as a fundraiser for the Christian social justice group, Faithful America. After the congregation agreed, it was displayed on church grounds to express the church’s wish to be a haven and place of welcome regardless of faith tradition. ( Daily News – 2.1.17)

In response to the Trump travel ban, members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Willmar, Minnesota, staged a 'walk out' rally, leaving their church and marching through downtown holding signs that said “Love Trumps hate,” “Standing on the Side of Love,” and “Were your ancestors allowed to immigrate?” ( West Central Tribune – 1.29.17)

The Unitarian Universalist Association endorsed legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. Donald Beyer earlier this week that would prohibit barring immigrants, refugees, and international visitors from entry to the United States on the basis of religion. “[The Freedom of Religion Act] won’t erase the pain from President Trump’s ban, but it will ensure that this sort of immoral action never happens again and show the world that America still honors its founding principles,” Beyer said. ( Falls Church News Press – 2.2.17)

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