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New Orleans activists urged restorative justice for assailants who attacked two UUA employees

Two UUA employees who were violently robbed during the 2017 General Assembly urged leniency in case against four attackers, who were sentenced to prison terms.

8/20/2018 Fall 2018
Jolanda Walter and Caitlin Shroyer-Ladeira are part of a group of New Orleans UUs who advocated for restorative justice after two UUA employees were violently robbed in June 2017

Jolanda Walter (left) and Caitlin Shroyer-Ladeira are part of a group of Unitarian Universalists in New Orleans who advocated for restorative justice in the case against four men arrested for the violent robbery of two UUA employees in June 2017. UUs attended each court session to support the defendants, provided books and personal care products, and met with the district attorney. The two victims of the crime also wrote to the judge urging leniency in the case. (Courtesy Caitlin Shroyer-Ladeira)