Need Whova Help Before GA? Try Our Quick and Simple Beginner's Guide.

Need Whova Help Before GA? Try Our Quick and Simple Beginner's Guide.

Get familiar with the UUA General Assembly’s online convention center. (And learn how to pronounce its name.)

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If this is your first wholly-not-in-person UUA General Assembly, you might have questions about Whova, the online ecosystem where everything will happen.

To help you get started, UU World has curated a list of common questions below, attempted to simplify answers, and provided links to other resources.

2024 UUA General Assembly

When: June 20 to 23

Where: Online (via Whova and

1. How is Whova Pronounced?


2. What is Whova?

Think of Whova as an online convention center.

It’s designed to offer more than just a space for live streaming or chatting. To help gatherings be more engaging and run smoothly, Whova wraps those basic video and chat elements with others, including backstage tools for organizers and easy-to-find information (such as agendas and a list of attendees with personal profiles) and networking forums for attendees.

An explainer video is available here.

3. Where Can I Use Whova?

Whova works on mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. (There’s an app and a web browser version.)

Find them here. GA sessions, on-demand programming, exhibitor information, and more are available now on Whova.

Helpful Links

For Basic Information:

For Virtual Participation Details:

For How to Reach Support Staff:

For Step-By-Step Instructions:

4. How Do I Register to Use Whova?

Log into Whova using the same email address you used to register for GA.

If you have yet to register for GA, learn more here.

5. What Will I Find on Whova?

Quite a lot.

Whova hosts community boards, on-demand videos, a virtual exhibit hall, and an agenda of live sessions and on-demand programming. It’s where all official networking and socializing will take place for registered attendees.

There also will be a virtual exhibition hall with “booths” offering conversation, items for sale, handouts, videos, and more.

Review the 2024 GA Program Book for general information and schedules.

6. I Need to Request Assistive Equipment and Services. How Do I Do That?

Check this link for detailed information on accessibility services at GA.

To request accessibility services, fill out this form.

7. Where Can I Find Step-By-Step Instructions on Whova Features?

Whova offers an Attendee User Guide. Review it here. A video version of the Whova how-to guide is available on YouTube. (It's also embedded below.)

For answers to general GA questions, including information on how to connect with GA support staff and volunteers, try (and consider bookmarking)

And once you’re in Whova, you’ll have easy access to guides and logistics tools on the app and the web portal.

8. Will We Use Whova during the 2025 UUA General Assembly?

The 2025 UUA General Assembly will be a multi-platform event, which means it will have online and onsite components.

The onsite piece takes place in Baltimore, Maryland. Online offerings are expected to happen on—you guessed it—Whova.