Writing our own story

Writing our own story

Stories do three things.

Above: Kim Hampton tells a story during Friday morning worship. Below: UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray tells a story adapted from Paulo Coelho during Sunday morning public worship.

Kim Hampton tells a story during the Friday morning worship at the 2018 UUA General Assembly in Kansas City. (© 2018 Nancy Pierce)

© 2018 Nancy Pierce


The following passage is an excerpt from the June 22, 2018, General Assembly worship service, “Choosing the Better Part.”

There are so many types of stories. Myth. Fable. Parable. Allegory. It can become confusing. But, if there’s only one thing to remember it is that stories do three things: 1) build worlds; 2) seek truth; and 3) heal.

Part of the reason the world’s great religions still exist is that they offer people a story to enter into. A story that helps them build a world, and a worldview. A story that helps them seek truth. And a story that can heal.

This does not mean that religion is perfect. Too often, those stories break down worlds instead of building them up; seek to deny truth; and cause tremendous pain.

And yet they are still here, in all their imperfections.

In this room, we are writing our own story. Whether that story builds worlds, seeks truth, and heals is up to us.

Watch and listen to this worship service

Watch the June 22, 2018, worship service at the UUA General Assembly, led by the Rev. Kimberley Debus, Kim Hampton, and Kiya Heartwood.

Friday Morning Worship, June 22, 2018