Roger Santodomingo

UU World Editor in Chief Roger Santodomingo

Former Executive Editor of UU World from 2021 to 2022. Developed an international career in journalism (BBC, Telemundo, CNN, NTN24). Studied Social Communications (UCV) and got a Master's in Political Science from the LSE. A Venezuelan exile, lifelong member of Amnesty International and freedom of speech activist in Latin America. He is a member of the Cedar Lane UU Board of Trustees.

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By Roger Santodomingo

  • Timothy Beal: When Time is Short
    Roger Santodomingo

    The religious scholar argues that religion has fueled humanity’s denial of climate change and that—even in knowing ours may be a finite future—there are still places to find hope.

  • Fighting Supremacy in the Global Arena
    Roger Santodomingo, Bruce Knotts

    An interview with Bruce Knotts, director of the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations and new UU World columnist.

  • Sowing Justice
    Roger Santodomingo, Jeff Milchen

    This week, we introduce Jeff Milchen: kayaker, democracy activist, and new UU World columnist.

  • The Time Is Now
    Roger Santodomingo

    This edition of UU World examines the complexity of the choices we face in addressing the crisis.

  • Meet the Moment
    Roger Santodomingo

    Introducing UU World’s new executive editor.