Vote to Keep Peace a UU Value

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The revised values proposed as Article II amendments remove from the UUA Bylaws all reference to peace as identified in the current 6th principle. The additional Peace Amendment to be debated at GA adds a “peace” petal to the proposed floral display of values. Based on the 2010 UUA Creating Peace Statement of Conscience (SOC), the amendment (1) applies to all levels — conflicts abroad, in society, our congregations, personal relationships, and within ourselves; and (2) affirms support for non-violence “whenever and wherever possible.”

Delegates at the 2023 GA overwhelmingly rejected a proposed amendment that offered a different definition of love that included peace. Speakers who opposed that proposal argued that a commitment to peace was inconsistent with UUs anti-racist campaign. Why? A super-majority of UUs have always recognized that justice cannot always be achieved by peaceful means, while respecting and defending the values of pacifist members who are conscientious objectors.

The current UUA Bylaws commitment to peace has not prevented UUs from defending against and denouncing racist and homophobic aggressors, nor prevented advocacy for “any means necessary" to achieve justice. There is no need to remove the longstanding Bylaws commitment to peace in order to continue and expand the UU commitment to anti-racism, LGBTQ+, and other human rights.

In addition to reaffirming UUs historic and theological commitment to peace, the proposed amendment also adds to the Bylaws for the first time progressive support for “human rights” at a time when innocent civilians have become targeted victims of genocide and war crimes in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

A 75% super-majority of GA delegates should reaffirm rather than repudiate the UUA Bylaws commitment to peace as a value and the 2010 SOC that begins: “We believe all people share a moral responsibility to create peace.” Creating Peace 2010 Statement of Conscience

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