Singing in the shadow of death
African musicians respond to a pandemic with songs of sorrow, resistance, advocacy, and hope.
By Jonah Eller-Isaacs in Life

Human reverence
The language of reverence is the language of humanity.
By Kendyl Gibbons in Ideas

Righteous among the nations
Israel honors two Unitarians for heroism in World War II; their story provokes soul-searching today.
By Michelle Bates Deakin in Ideas


Take a bow, digital 'World'
Web magazine wins award; changes in the masthead.
By Tom Stites in From the editor

The central act of a religious community
Unifying features of Unitarian Universalist worship.
By William G. Sinkford in Our calling

Letters, Summer 2006
Readers respond to the Spring 2006 issue.
in Letters

Mailbox, Summer 2006
What our readers tell us.
By Jane Greer in Letters

How husbands say 'I love you'
Men and women both value their marriages, but a new book finds three distinctive male ways of expressing it.
By Neil Chethik in Forum

Community ministers help build bridges
Unitarian Universalist ministers in service and justice agencies.
By Donald E. Skinner in Congregational life

Sculpture marks congregation's renewal
How an Atlanta congregation rebuilt itself.
By Jane Greer in Spiritual landmarks

Struggling up the mountain
The human response to places that open the spirit is deeper and older than any religion.
By Paige Grant in Reflections

Dreamer #1
Nineteenth-century technique gives photo dreamlike quality.
By Elaine Croce-Happnie and Kenneth Sutton in Reflections

Love first
Love demands justice; it can't simply be an emergency strategy when everything has gone wrong.
By Rebecca Ann Parker in Reflections

In praise of lesser gods
Flawed but beautiful, like us.
By Don Cheek and Tom Stites in Reflections

Those days
Summer memories.
By Mary Oliver in Reflections

Resisting reasonable atrocity
Why are we always surprised when reasonable, well-meaning people offer smart arguments for terrible acts?
By David R. Schwartz in Reflections

UUs rally against abortion ban
Featured online in another form:
South Dakota UUs fought state abortion ban
South Dakota's UUs are risking public censure and even harassment for protesting abortion ban.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Salt Lake suit dropped over Mormon plaza
Featured online in another form:
Unitarian church drops lawsuit over Mormon plaza deal
Congregation saw First Amendment liberties at stake, but community saw battling faiths.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Quilting a way to 'mend the world'
Featured online in another form:
Quilting as a spiritual practice
Unitarian Universalists quilt with Muslims, Catholics, Protestants for Boston-area interfaith exhibit.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Church models environmental sustainability
Featured online in another form:
Light bulb program a bright idea
Pennsylvania UU congregation is a model of environmental activism.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Katrina grants made, groups dispatched
Featured online in another form:
More funds disbursed to Gulf Coast area
The UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Relief Fund makes next round of grants.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Katrina grants made, groups dispatched
Featured online in another form:
New hurricane-relief grants exceed $330K
Six more Gulf Coast community groups helped by UUA-UUSC fund.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Katrina grants made, groups dispatched
Featured online in another form:
Work camps help rebuild Gulf Coast area
UUSC work camps give participants an up-close view of Gulf Coast destruction.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Winchester youth group leads six trips to rebuild Gulf Coast
Featured online in another form:
Picking up the Gulf Coast pieces
UU volunteers pitch in to gut houses and clear lots; new grants bring total aid to $1.2 million.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

St. Louis General Assembly introduces many changes
New this year: Leadership mini-conference, environmental impact fee, proposed changes for Statements of Conscience.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Survey results show youth experience
Featured online in another form:
Survey sheds light on youth experience
Youth survey results will help congregations better attract and retain youth.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Review Commission's report released
Featured online in another form:
Report examines racism, youth at 2005 General Assembly
Commission offers timeline and recommendations after tense interactions at UUA annual meeting in Fort Worth, Texas.
By Tom Stites and Christopher L. Walton in UU news

UUA to help churches work internationally
Featured online in another form:
UUA to help congregations with international connections
Director of Partner Church Council hired to lead UUA's review of international work.
By Jane Greer in UU news

From Islam to Unitarian Universalism
So far as I knew, no one had ever left Islam who was not wicked.
By Hafidha Acuay in Bookshelf

UU author wins Newbery for 'Criss Cross'
Thoughtful teen novel weaves in themes from various world religions.
By Keith Kron in Bookshelf

Book introduces Unitarian Universalism to young children
Full-color illustrations will delight children and adults.
By Christopher L. Walton in Bookshelf

Books by UU authors, Summer 2006
A selection of books written by Unitarian Universalists.
By Staff Writer in Books by UU authors

What in the World? Summer 2006
Questions for spiritual reflection and adult group discussions.
By Jane Greer in What in the World?

St. Louis, first Unitarian outpost in the West
The first Unitarian church west of the Mississippi River was formed in 1835.
By Suzanne Meyer in Looking back