Spiritual Practice

  • Spirit

    I truly do not care if a god ever hears me when I pray, but praying together with others is among the most transformative work that I do.

    Nancy McDonald Ladd
  • UU News

    The UUA’s WorshipWeb offers more than 1,700 resources (and counting) to help you plan and lead worship services.

    Michael Hart
  • Spirit

    A covenant group is like a gym for the soul, an oasis in the desert.

    Joanna Fontaine Crawford
  • Editorial

    I urge you to make some space to reflect on what your spirit needs right now.

    Peter Morales
  • Editorial
    Small group ministry creates a sacred time where the stories of our lives are heard.
  • Spirit
    I hated candles of joy and concern, until I started listening.
    Lynne Jacoby
  • Spirit

    An interfaith gathering at Auschwitz bears witness to human evil—and the beauty of human diversity.

    Barbara Gadon