Change Your Address


Please use the form below to change your mailing address. If your address is updated in our database prior to the following dates, your copy of the corresponding issue will be delivered to your new address. The U.S. Postal Service only forwards magazines for thirty (30) days after your move.

  • January 15 for the Spring issue (delivered mid-April)*
  • July 15 for the Fall issue (delivered mid-October)*

*If you miss one of the above deadlines, please email, and we'll put you on our manual list and mail your magazine from our office copy supply.

Remember, addresses are changed throughout the entire UUA. Therefore all mail you receive from the UUA will be sent to the new address. If the UUA sends mail to you and your partner, your partner’s mailing address will also be updated. If there is an address situation you need to explain further, please email for personal attention.

Email subscription-related questions to or visit our Subscriptions Page where you can also purchase a UU World subscription to give as a gift.

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