Books by UU authors, Winter 2007

Books by UU authors, Winter 2007

A selection of books written by Unitarian Universalists.
Jane Greer



Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Brendan Halpin. Villard, 2007; $13.95. Set in the world of rock music, two people, victimized by having hit songs written about them, meet and start a relationship. Brendan Halpin is a member of First Church in Jamaica Plain, Unitarian Universalist in Boston, Mass.


Sacred Service in Civic Space: Three Hundred Years of Community Ministry in Unitarian Universalism. Kathleen R. Parker. Meadville Lombard Press, 2007; $18. Chronicles the history of Unitarian Universalist lay and ordained ministry responding to social justice needs. Kathleen Parker is a member of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Claiming the Past, Shaping the Future: Four Eras in Liberal Religious Education 1790-1999. Ed. by Roberta M. Nelson. Liberal Religious Educators Association in Celebration of its 50th Anniversary, 2006; $8. Divides history of liberal religious education into four eras: from 1790-1930, 1930-1965, 1965-1980, and 1980-1999, with an essay on each by a distinguished UU religious educator.

Escaping Poverty’s Grasp: The Environmental Founda­tions of Poverty Reduction. David Reed. Earthscan, 2006; $35. Reed, director of the Macro­economics Program Office of the World Wildlife Federation-International in Washington, D.C., describes programs in China, Indonesia, El Salvador, South Africa, and Zambia in which the rural poor are given greater control of natural resource wealth on which their livelihoods depend. Reed is a member of the Uni­tarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring, Md.

Personal Roots of Representation. Barry C. Burden. Princeton University Press, 2007; $24.95. Burden looks at how representatives’ votes often reflect the values and milieu they grew up in, rather than party ideology. Burden is a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a member of First Unitarian Society of Madison, Wisc.

Parkinson’s Disease for Dummies. Michele Tagliati, M.D.; Gary N. Guten, M.D., M.A.; and Jo Horne, M.A. For Dummies, 2007; $19.99. Jo Horne, a member of First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, Wisc., has extensive experience as a caregiver and patient advocate, developing guides for long-distance caregivers for AARP and working with her husband on the development of adult day care in the state of Wisconsin. Includes chapters on understanding Parkinson’s Disease, crafting a treatment plan, and coping with the advanced disease.


Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs. Zoe Weil. Lantern Books, 2007; $12. Two youngsters at a private school, one from a wealthy family and the other a scholarship student, join forces to combat a rash of dog thefts. Zoe Weil is a member of the Unitarian Univer­salist Church of Ellsworth, Maine.

Coolhead Luke . . . And Other Stories. Written by Jennifer White and illustrated by Colin White. BookSurge, LLC, 2007; $14.99. Jennifer White, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Grafton and Upton, Mass., has written a collection of funny, playful poems for children aged 7 to 13, each with an illustration by her 10-year-old son.

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