Guide to UU World's 2012 General Assembly coverage

Guide to UU World's 2012 General Assembly coverage

An updated guide to our coverage of the UUA General Assembly in Phoenix.


Below are direct links to UU World's reports on the 2012 Justice General Assembly in Phoenix, Ariz. We will continue to update this guide throughout GA. Visit our General Assembly blog for the latest reports. For live video of major events, on-demand video, and transcripts, visit's General Assembly 2012 page.

Reports are organized here by the date of the event, even if we published our report the next morning.

Latest updates

Monday, July 2

UU congregations to focus on reproductive justice: News summary (Christopher L. Walton, 7.2.12; version with extensive links, 7.2.12)

Monday, June 25

Board of Trustees hears report on 'fair share' giving (Christopher L. Walton, 7.2.12)

Board to review Fifth Principle Task Force report (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.26.12)

Sunday, June 24

GA 2012 ends on upbeat note (Donald E. Skinner, 6.24.12)

3,714 people came to Justice GA (Christopher L. Walton, 6.29.12)

GA repudiates Doctrine of Discovery (Donald E. Skinner, 6.24.12)

Courter: Justice GA has transformed future GAs (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.24.12)

GA finalizes several bylaw amendments without debate (Christopher L. Walton, 6.24.12)

Financial advisor Brody: Justice in UUA finances (Christopher L. Walton, 6.24.12)

Vice presidents: How to take Justice GA home (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.24.12)

Video: Morales: Justice GA 'like a dream come true' (Peter Bowden, 6.27.12)

Video: UCC leaders reflect on General Assembly (Peter Bowden, 6.27.12)

Video: Youth group shares highlights of Justice GA (Peter Bowden, 6.27.12)

Crestwell: 'Go home and start a little trouble' (Laura Randall, 6.24.12)

Saturday, June 23

Thousands wage peaceful protest at Tent City (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.24.12)

Religious delegation visits 'Tent City' (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.24.12)

Video: Takahashi Morris: 'Tent City and internment camps (Peter Bowden, 6.24.12)

Live reports from religious witness at 'Tent City' (Kenneth L. Sutton, 6.23.12)

Video: UUs arrive for 'Tent City' vigil (Peter Bowden, 6.23.12)

Hinojosa describes 'two Americas' in Ware Lecture (Donald E. Skinner, 6.23.12)

Citizenship fair draws hundreds of UU volunteers (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.24.12)

Phoenix UUs know pain, fear of deportation (Donald E. Skinner, 6.23.12)

Saunders receives President's Volunteer Service Award (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.24.12)

Posthumous Distinguished Service Award to Bowens-Wheatley (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.23.12)

Delegates pick reproductive justice as next CSAI (Christopher L. Walton, 6.23.12)

Tonight's vigil may have armed counter-protesters (Christopher L. Walton, 6.23.12)

Building the world we dream about (Dan Harper, 6.23.12)

UU College of Social Justice begins (Donald E. Skinner, 6.23.12)

Friday, June 22

Video: Latino community prepares for Court SB 1070 ruling (Peter Bowden, 6.24.12)

In Civic Space Park, an evening of fun, fellowship (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.23.12)

Tse: 'Do the one thing you can do' (Dan Harper, 6.23.12)

Chalice maker, 92, lights General Assembly chalice (Donald E. Skinner, 6.23.12)

Talking about immigration with children and youth (Dan Harper, 6.23.12)

Conservative UUs call for inclusivity (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.23.12

Thursday, June 21

Is your state being Arizonified? (Donald E. Skinner, 6.21.12)

Delegates refine Doctrine of Discovery resolution (Donald E. Skinner, 6.21.12)

Delegates discuss Article XV amendment, congregations (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.21.12)

Fahs lecture: Race, immigration, and religious education (Dan Harper, 6.21.12)

Widow of slain officer becomes immigration reform advocate (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.21.12)

Alexander urges action against mass incarceration of blacks (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.21.12)

Wednesday, June 20

Social media from GA's first night (Christopher L. Walton, 6.21.12)

Opening Ceremony ends with outdoor rally (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.21.12)

Morales: 'Amigos and Arizona, we're back!' (Michelle Bates Deakin, 6.21.12)

GA learns about Doctrine of Discovery on first day (Donald E. Skinner, 6.21.12)

General Assembly welcomes three new congregations (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.20.12)

Team trains to facilitate social witness events (Sonja L. Cohen, 6.20.12)

'We are not here to implement iChurch' (Laura Randall, 6.21.12)

Gini Courter welcomes first-timers to General Assembly (Christopher L. Walton, 6.21.12)

2012 General Assembly photos from UU World (Nancy Pierce, 6.20.12)

Tuesday, June 19

Social media, on the way to Justice GA (Christopher L. Walton, 6.20.12)

Board asks president to resubmit report, defining metrics (Christopher L. Walton, 6.20.12)

Ariz. partners glad we're here, anxious about court ruling (Christopher L. Walton, 6.19.12)

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