Welcome to the all-new ‘UU World’ website

Welcome to the all-new ‘UU World’ website

Introducing our completely rebuilt, mobile-optimized website.

Editor Chris Walton demonstrates new UU World website

Editor Chris Walton shows off the new website on an iPad. (© Peter Bowden)

© Peter Bowden


Welcome to the all-new, completely redesigned UU World website. At last, we have a site that adapts itself to your device. It scales down for your smartphone, keeping text at a readable size, but it expands into two columns or even three as your screen gets bigger.

The front page showcases a featured story at the top. A new "Editor's Picks" box gives us a spot to showcase items of interest on our site and elsewhere on the web—including posts on our new Editors’ Blog, relevant stories from our archives, and links on other sites. Most of the rest of the front page presents recently featured stories, in reverse chronological order.

We have simplified the site navigation dramatically. The Menu button at the top right of your screen and the footer at the bottom of each page give you the same options for digging down into our content. Browse by issue if you’re a dedicated print magazine reader looking for a Table of Contents. (There's our Summer 2015 issue already, about a week before it starts arriving in most subscribers' mailboxes.) Browse by department if you’re looking only for News stories, say, or “Looking Back” articles. Browse by author. Browse to your heart’s content!

Our blogs are changing. If you’re already a fan of our weekly roundups “Unitarian Universalists in the Media” and "The Interdependent Web,” which monitor mainstream media stories and blog commentary about Unitarian Universalism, we’re moving them into our new Editors' Blog. There you’ll also find short news items, links and recommendations from our editorial team, and featured comments from you, our readers. At the moment, the main page for our blog is still a work in progress, but you’ll see posts in the front page Editor’s Picks box and in the blog’s RSS feed.

Huge thanks to the team that built this site. It’s our first complete redesign in ten years and includes a move to a new, much nimbler content management system. For the first time our site includes features that make UU World content available on our parent site, UUA.org. The all-new UU Worldsite was built by the UUA’s ingenious Kasey Kruser and Margy Levine Young, with brilliant database work by Ben Stallings, a crisp, modern design by Jenn Schlick, and careful attention to all manner of detail by UU World managing editor Kenneth Sutton. Senior editor Sonja L. Cohen took on much of Kenneth’s editorial work in the past six months as he focused on the website transition, for which I am deeply grateful.

Let us know what you think. There are kinks to work out—we're busily clicking around to see where unexpected things may be happening or where expected content has mysteriously disappeared, too—so send us email if you run into problems. It is especially helpful if you could tell us what operating system and browser you're using.

Editor Chris Walton introduces the new UU World website.