Reckoning with history
After fifty years, the families and friends of three civil rights martyrs return to Selma, still weighing the price they had to pay.
By Amy K. Nelson

Michelle Huneven, back on course
Surviving alcoholism and seminary, a novelist finds depth and comedy in Unitarian Universalism.
By Kimberly French

Streaming worship
Unitarian Universalist congregations invest in online broadcasts to extend their reach.
By Elaine McArdle

  • The copyright challenge
    Just because you have permission to perform music in worship doesn’t mean you can stream it online.
    By Elaine McArdle


Introducing our all-new website
Our new website; remembering contributing editor Warren Ross.
By Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

Embracing failure
The future health of Unitarian Universalism depends on all of us learning to embrace failure.
By Peter Morales in From the president

The whole world in our hands
Four-page insert: Families weave a tapestry of faith.
By the UUA Faith Development Office


‘Bearing witness to what I believed’
Virginia Volker recalls a lifetime of working for a more just Alabama.
By Elaine McArdle

Connecticut churches share architect, dramatic flair
In Westport and Hartford, Victor Lundy designed dramatic expressions of mid-century Unitarian Universalism.
By Kenny Wiley in Spiritual landmarks

The spiritual practice of story-sharing
Sharing our stories helps us connect with ourselves, our spirituality, and others.
By Christine Organ

Black Lives Matter banner ‘brings out conversation’
More than two dozen Unitarian Universalist congregations have put Black Lives Matter banners on their buildings.
By Kenny Wiley in Congregational life

The real UU superpower
It is time to stop expecting young Unitarian Universalists to save the faith.
By Sean Neil-Barron


Don’t forget your belongings
One kind of belonging is a thing we possess. The other kind of belonging is about whose we are.
By Celie Katovitch

Lessons from the garden
My garden teaches me to have faith.
By K. Elting Brock

Poem: Petty love
Love small enough to curse a cell or sky.
By Sue Burke

Painting: Collecting pool II
The rustle, dormancy, rejuvenation, and vibrance of the seasons fuel my work.
By Ginny Krueger in Creations

Black and white chalice
Papier mâché chalices used as table-toppers at a centennial auction.
By Keddy Outlaw in Creations

Glory be to the earth
Chalice lighting.
By Bettye A. Doty


‘We are your partners forever’
More than 500 Unitarian Universalists join 50th anniversary march in Selma, Alabama, March 4–9, 2015.
By Christopher L. Walton and Elaine McArdle, 3.6.15, adapted for print

Fire destroys historic New York Universalist church
First Universalist Church of Southold, New York, built in 1837, incinerated March 14.
By Elaine McArdle, 3.23.15, adapted for print

Twin Cities UUs focus on Black Lives Matter, join mall protest
Hundreds of Unitarian Universalists take part in Mall of America protests.
By Elaine McArdle, 2.23.15, adapted for print

Muslim leader speaks to N.C. UUs
Charlotte UUs build interfaith partnership in aftermath of killing of three Muslims in Chapel Hill.
By Elaine McArdle, 3.2.15, adapted for print

UUA trustees mull their role in Starr King conflict
By Elaine McArdle, 3.16.15, adapted for print

Starr King belatedly grants degrees to two students
On heels of report by ad hoc investigative committee, seminary puts professor on administrative leave.
By Elaine McArdle, 2.14.15, adapted for print

UU sues to breastfeed at work
Unitarian Universalist sues former employer, helps draft law requiring private space to breastfeed children.
By Elaine McArdle, 2.2.15, adapted for print

Board proposes UUA campaign spending limits
Discusses eliminating Commission on Appraisal; will discuss funding for theological education in March.
By Elaine McArdle, 1.26.15, adapted for print

Obituaries, abridged for print

UUs join Lummi to fight coal
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship’s partnership leads to public witness event at UUA’s General Assembly in June.
By Elaine McArdle in Inside

Participate in GA from anywhere
Nine workshops, plus plenary events and worship, will be streamed live.
By Elaine McArdle in Inside


The wisdom of play
A little playfulness can go a long way.
By Anthony Makar in Forum

We are all bound up together
Frances E. W. Harper (1825–1911) challenged us to practice a religion of justice.
By Kenny Wiley in Looking back

Jerome Stone’s minimalist vision of transcendence
Without ‘God,’ a liberal theologian focuses on transcendent resources of grace and judgment.
By Myriam Renaud

Book to note: ‘A Home for Mr. Emerson’
Visually compelling biography for young readers provides an accessible foundation in the notable Unitarian’s words and beliefs.
By Sonja L. Cohen in Book to note

Readers respond to the Spring 2015 issue.
Compiled by Kenneth Sutton In Letters

Blog roundup
Highlights from the Unitarian Universalist blogosphere, January to April 2015.
By Heather Christensen in Letters

Top ten online
Traffic report: Most popular stories on our website, January 5–April 5, 2015.
By Christopher L. Walton in Letters

Online extras

Audio recordings of selected ‘UU World’ stories
By Don Hymel at