Introducing our all-new website

Introducing our all-new website

From the editor: Our new website; remembering contributing editor Warren Ross.


The Unitarian Universalist Association sends you this magazine four times a year, thanks to the generosity of congregational giving to the Annual Program Fund. The magazine is just one of the services the UUA provides, of course. And print is only one of the ways we make our inspiring stories, provocative features, and timely news available to you.

Get out your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, and see what we’re doing at We have just relaunched our website—no, strike that. We tore down our old website and built something completely new. Elegantly designed for easy reading on whatever screen you have in front of you, the site automatically adjusts itself to your device, with much more of the art and photography that makes the print magazine a joy to look at. We stripped away inessentials and focused on making the text as easy to read—and share—as possible. I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Updated throughout the week, online now offers news stories, online-only articles and columns, links and recommendations from our editors, photos and video, classified ads of special interest to UUs, and multiple ways to browse or search our archives.

The new site was built by the UUA’s ingenious Kasey Kruser and Margy Levine Young, with brilliant database work by Ben Stallings, a crisp, modern design by Jenn Schlick, and careful attention to all manner of detail by UU World managing editor Kenneth Sutton. Senior editor Sonja L. Cohen took on even more editorial work for the Summer issue as Kenneth focused on the website transition, which helped tremendously.

Warren Ross

Contributing editor Warren R. Ross, 1926–2015 (Courtesy The Rye Record)

Courtesy The Rye Record

With gratitude and sorrow, we say farewell to our longest-serving contributing editor, Warren R. Ross, who died in February at the age of 88. Ross began writing for the magazine in 1989, in the first year of one of the most productive “retirements” I can think of: he was elected mayor of Rye, New York, that same year; he went on to write 56 articles for UU World; and he authored two books, including The Premise and the Promise, the history of the UUA’s first four decades. A devoted member of Community Unitarian Church in White Plains, New York, he also served as a trustee of the UUA and of Starr King School for the Ministry, and was the first president of the UUA’s Metropolitan New York District, from 1962 to 1965. He cared deeply about Unitarian Universalism, civic life, and this magazine. We were honored to work with him.

If you will be at the UUA General Assembly in Portland, Oregon, senior editor Kenny Wiley will be moderating a series of “GA Talks,” and I’ll be speaking at workshops on using social media and on things people do with seminary degrees when they don’t end up in pulpits. But wherever you are the last week of June, you can keep up with GA at—wait for it!—our great new website.


The print version of this article misspelled Kasey Kruser’s name.