Register for the Fourth International Convocation of U/U Women and People of Progressive Faith

Register for the Fourth International Convocation of U/U Women and People of Progressive Faith

The September convocation, held in Romania, features dynamic speakers, engaging panel discussions, workshops, and more.

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Participants from Romania, India, Philippines, Bolivia, Poland, and the U.S. in 2017 at the Third International Convocation of U/U Women and People of Progressive Faith held in Monterey, California.

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A September convocation in Romania will address the collective need for peace within ourselves and our own communities, as attendees learn how to be more effective change-makers in today’s climate of intersecting global crises and uncertainties.

It will be an opportunity to build community, a collective voice, and strong and effective partnerships toward a future that is more equitable, peaceful, and sustainable.

The Fourth International Convocation of U/U Women and People of Progressive Faiths is set for September 5 through 8 at Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár in Transylvania, Romania, the cradle of Unitarianism. The organizers are the International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women (ICUUW) and UNOSZ, the National Organization of Unitarian Women of Romania, in partnership with the Hungarian Unitarian Church.

The program for the convocation, “Weaving a Tapestry of Peace and New Perspectives: Connect – Collaborate – Create,” includes notable speakers and panel discussions.

Speaker List for the International Convocation of U/U Women and People of Progressive Faiths

  • Hesna Al-Ghaoui, an award-winning television war journalist, filmmaker, and author, will discuss “Resilience in an Age of Uncertainty and Trauma.” She has been the goodwill ambassador of the UN Millennium Development Goals and is a sought-after presenter on her frontline experiences and her understanding of fear, resilience, and post-traumatic growth. Al-Ghaoui is a Fulbright Alumni from the UC Berkeley Institute of Personality and Social Research.
  • Maureen Porter, an associate professor for Educational Foundations, Organizations and Policy, at the University of Pittsburgh, will discuss “Weaving a Culture of Peace, Equity, Inclusions and Sustainability.” An anthropologist of education, Maureen received the prestigious Outstanding International Educator Award from the Pennsylvania Council of International Education for creating research/practice partnerships for students, faculty, and the community in culturally responsive contexts around the world.

September Convocation Offers Panel Discussions, Fellowship Opportunities, and More

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A panel discussion on “Young Women Entrepreneurs Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future” will feature Hajnal Antal, the founder of a socially and ecologically conscious Romanian enterprise that makes handbags from waste paper, and others who are leading the way to build a better future.

A panel discussion on “Weaving a Tapestry of Peace'' will spotlight staff and volunteers of Gondviselés, the social justice arm of the Hungarian Unitarian Church, responsible for the effective, compassionate response to displaced Ukrainians both in Romania and Ukraine. This work is supported by generous donations from U/Us in the United States and global supporters of ICUUW; ICUUW executive director Zsófia Sztranyiczki and vice president Gizella Nagy has accompanied Gondviselés on several humanitarian aid shipments to Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

The convocation will also be an opportunity for fellowship, new cultural experiences with U/Us from around the world, and a chance to explore the Transylvanian region and experience the region’s Unitarian history and traditional culture during a seven-day pre-convocation tour. The tour is sold out but a few places remain on a post-convocation tour.

Registration is $390USD, which includes three lunches, the opening reception, coffee and refreshments, proceedings, conference materials, and evening entertainment. Scholarships are available, especially for seminary students and young adults. Register now or email for more information.