• Life

    Under the weight of destruction, / we will need the strong shelter / of forgiveness and the deeper wells / that give the sweet water of welcome

    Sean Parker Dennison
  • Life

    Every generation fights overwhelming odds for a more just world—and for the next generation to have the chance to fight, too.

    Liz James
  • Spirit

    We need to be open to resurrection—looking up, not down; listening, not stopping up our ears; feeling deeply rather than numbing ourselves with the daily routine.

    Scotty McLennan
  • Editorial

    More than once, my attempts to stick to my dream prevented me from seeing other doors that were open all around me.

    Peter Morales
  • Ideas

    How do we live under the cloud of impending apocalypse without giving in to panic?

    Kimberly French
  • Spirit

    I knew the gunman who killed two in a Knoxville church, but I don’t need an explanation for his actions. I need stories of heroes and kindness and compassion.

    Meg Barnhouse