Mark Morrison-Reed

The Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed

The Rev. Dr. Mark D. Morrison-Reed served as co-minister of Unitarian Universalist congregations in Rochester, New York, and Toronto with his wife, the Rev. Donna Morrison-Reed. He is author or editor of several books, including The Selma Awakening: How the Civil Rights Movement Tested and Changed Unitarian Universalism.

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By Mark Morrison-Reed

  • The black hole in the white UU psyche
    Mark Morrison-Reed

    What is the consequence of not knowing Unitarian Universalism’s black history? We have embraced a false narrative about who we are.

  • Selma’s challenge
    Mark Morrison-Reed

    In the past, our religious forebears had stood on the brink of making a difference in racial justice, and had wavered. Not this time.

  • The empowerment tragedy
    Mark Morrison-Reed

    Four decades have passed since controversy over ‘black empowerment’ nearly tore the Unitarian Universalist Association apart. Even now, UUs remain unreconciled over what was for many a life-defining fight.

  • Religious community is essential
    Mark Morrison-Reed

    The central task of the religious community.

  • Laying claim to my own blackness
    Mark Morrison-Reed
    Being an Afro-American is a diverse experience that resists simple characterizations.
  • Welcoming change
    Mark Morrison-Reed
    Welcoming change means being open and adventuresome.