• Ideas

    The American environmental movement is rooted historically in ideas about pristine wilderness, free from human presence, that replicate colonial patterns of white supremacy and settler privilege. Native-led movements are changing the script.

    Dina Gilio-Whitaker
  • Editorial

    The Transcendentalists practiced the art of forming and maintaining spiritual friendships transcending differences of gender, social location, theology, politics, and race.

    John A. Buehrens
  • Editorial

    He wanted nothing to do with the Unitarian church that baptized him, but today’s Unitarian Universalism has embraced his revolutionary ecological, conscientious, and spiritually open approach.

    Richard Higgins
  • Editorial

    Reclaiming the legacy of Margaret Fuller, the forgotten intellectual at the heart of the Transcendentalist movement and the first American theorist of women’s equality.

    Kimberly French
  • Ideas

    How American culture transforms—and is sometimes transformed by—liberal religion.

    Christopher L. Walton