Unitarian Universalists on the Eightfold Path
Buddhism puts down roots in American congregations.
By Rick Heller in Life

What is Unitarian Universalist Buddhism?
The history of UU engagement with Buddhism and its growing significance.
By James Ishmael Ford in Ideas

'The future we hope to see'
Congregations respond to the General Assembly's challenge to examine race and class, embracing a multicultural future.
By Donald E. Skinner and Tom Stites in News

Love the contradictions
If our world is to survive in all its contradiction and complexity, it needs more people who are capable of loving it in its entirety.
By Robert Hardies in Ideas


Meet our online columnists
Doug Muder and the Rev. Meg Barnhouse bring distinctive voices to ''
By Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

Opportunity and redemption
It's time to make good on the unfulfilled promise of a racially and culturally diverse Unitarian Universalism.
By William G. Sinkford in Our calling

Letters, Summer 2007
Readers respond to the Spring 2007 issue.
in Letters

Mailbox, Summer 2007
Thoughts on eating, gratitude, and UUA purposes.
By Jane Greer in Letters

Blogs on 'UU World'
Online responses to 'UU World.'
By Christopher L. Walton in Letters

Stem cell research offers hope
Politics is interfering with medical research that could bring hope to people with debilitating diseases.
By Molly DeHaas Walsh in Forum

Midweek church nights build spirit
Dinner, programs, and worship for all ages bring people together on weeknights.
By Tom Stites in Congregational life

Maryland congregation meets in a yurt
Sugarloaf Congregation of Unitarian Universalists builds inexpensive new home.
By Jane Greer in Spiritual landmarks

The spiritual practice of hospitality
Welcoming people to our congregations isn't a duty; it's a way to encounter the mystery and wonder of life.
By David Rynick in Reflections

Montage of earthy spirituality.
By Edith Royce Schade in Reflections

Found objects, discovered meanings.
By Brandy Bergenstock in Reflections

Don't be stingy with your faith
Many people are looking for what you've found in Unitarian Universalism. Not letting them in on the secret is a form of stinginess.
By John Gibb Millspaugh in Reflections

Reading our lives
We write the story of our lives with each choice we make, but do we take time to read it?
By Marshall Hawkins in Reflections

New plan for ministerial diversity
Featured online in another form:
Sinkford outlines plan for more diverse ministry
Board of Trustees hears UUA president's proposal for new ministry opportunities for minorities, approves General Assembly review of UUA's Purposes.
By Christopher L. Walton in UU news

Second Life has thriving UU community
Featured online in another form:
Going to church in Second Life
Second Life, the much-hyped online virtual reality world, is home to a growing Unitarian Universalist congregation.
By Kenneth Sutton

UUs support transgender city official
Featured online in another form:
Florida UUs rally in support of fired city manager
Ouster of official undergoing gender reassignment captures national attention.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Fire destroys Tenn. RE space
Featured online in another form:
Tennessee church loses building in fire
Religious education building of Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church completely destroyed, no injuries.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Church hosts tent city
Featured online in another form:
Washington church hosts tent city
Homeless encampment at Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation can stay 90 days.
By Jane Greer in UU news

UUA-UUSC fund will support Gulf volunteers
Featured online in another form:
UU funds to support Gulf Coast volunteers
UUA-UUSC funds for hurricane relief now will support volunteer groups going to Gulf.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Welch tapped for provost job
Featured online in another form:
Sharon Welch named provost at Meadville Lombard
Ethics scholar to lead academic program at Unitarian Universalist seminary in Chicago.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

UUA's shareholder activism pays off
Featured online in another form:
UUA calls for shareholder votes on CEO pay
Unitarian Universalist Association files shareholder resolutions on executive compensation with three major corporations.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Andover teen raises money for orphanage
Featured online in another form:
Teen raises money for Botswana orphanage
14-year-old Annie Arnzen raises $10,000 from schools, churches, community for African orphanage.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Two UU military chaplains in training
Featured online in another form:
Preparing for military chaplaincy
Two Unitarian Universalist seminarians say many in the military are receptive to liberal religion.
By Leah Rubin-Cadrain in UU news

Transylvanian UU radio
Featured online in another form:
Unitarian radio station has global ambitions
Transylvanian Internet radio station broadcasts Unitarian values, adds English-language programming.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Louisa May Alcott's Unitarian legacy
Did 'Little Women' plant the seeds of my own Unitarian Universalism?
By Rosemary Bray McNatt in Bookshelf

Books by UU authors, Summer 2007
A selection of books written by Unitarian Universalists.
By Jane Greer and Christopher L. Walton in Books by UU authors

Antioppression, Buddhism, and 'Second Life'
Questions for spiritual reflection and adult group discussions.
By Jane Greer in What in the World?

Thirty years of feminist transformation
The 1977 Women and Religion resolution transformed the Unitarian Universalist Association.
By Kimberly French in Looking back

Online Extras

Did James Luther Adams predict American fascism?
Chris Hedges invokes UU theologian James Luther Adams in his new book, 'American Fascists,' but gets Adams only half-right.
By George Kimmich Beach

General Assembly preview 2007