America's founding faiths
The separation of church and state in America grew out of competing visions of divine order and sacred liberty that divided the nation's founders and its religious communities.
By Forrest Church in Ideas

Sketches of Crete
When a Unitarian Universalist minister moves to the island of Crete, a sense of humor builds a bridge across cultures.
By Robert Fulghum in Life

Spirited defender
Karen Tse's human rights ministry is helping to eradicate torture.
By Michelle Bates Deakin in Life


Books that amplify our voices
This issue of 'UU World' highlights books worth sharing.
By Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

Announcing a national ad campaign
Taking our message to the general public.
By William G. Sinkford in Our calling

Letters, Winter 2007
Readers respond to the Fall 2007 issue.
By Jane Greer in Letters

Mailbox, Winter 2007
Article about class and liberal religion hits a nerve.
By Jane Greer in Letters

Blog roundup
Online responses to 'UU World.'
By Jane Greer in Letters

The War on Drugs' war on families
A documentary film shows the tragic consequences of mandatory minimum sentences.
By Melissa Mummert in Forum

Congregations welcome transgender people
Unitarian Universalist churches, General Assembly affirm transgender people.
By Donald E. Skinner in Congregational life

Recycling an old church
Elements from a 1911 church are incorporated into a new sanctuary for Unitarian Universalists in Peoria.
By Jane Greer in Spiritual landmarks

One thing I am sure of
'God is not less kind, less committed, or less merciful than a Maine game warden.'
By Kate Braestrup in Reflections

Chairs at Bodie
Capturing a human absence.
By Amy Cooper in Reflections

My Ostraka: History I
Reinterpretations of Athena.
By Cynthia Kukla in Reflections

What is sacred?
The relationship of all living things.
By Patrick O'Neill in Reflections

What is evil?
Unitarian Universalism's view of human nature is grounded in human possibility rather than pathology.
By Patrick O'Neill in Reflections

Feeling like an exile
A psalm for people whose beliefs are minority views.
By John Nichols in Reflections

On the death of a child
Buddhist wisdom honors a brief life.
By James Ishmael Ford in Reflections

UUA starts national ad campaign
Featured online in another form:
UUA launches national ad campaign in 'Time'
Regional campaign in San Francisco Bay Area advertises on 'Daily Show with Jon Stewart.'
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

UUA board to discuss groups' affiliate status
Featured online in another form:
Independent groups adapt to loss of affiliate status
UUA board says tighter rules for independent affiliates help congregations.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

'Resurrection Project' planned for New Orleans
Featured online in another form:
UUs help launch New Orleans 'Resurrection Project'
Gulf Coast Unitarian Universalists gather for second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Racism subject of Md. church group's play
Featured online in another form:
Racism subject of church group's play
Dignity Players tackle social justice themes in Annapolis.
By Jane Greer in UU news

UU sexologist debates Bill O'Reilly
Featured online in another form:
UU sexologist faces off against Bill O'Reilly
The Rev. Debra Haffner promotes comprehensive sexuality education for all ages.
By Michelle Bates Deakin in UU news

UU conducts first Iowa gay wedding
Featured online in another form:
UU minister performs Iowa's first same-sex wedding
Gay couple married by Unitarian Universalist minister before court blocked other weddings.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Jena Six case draws response from UUs, UUA
Featured online in another form:
Louisiana UUs decry racism in 'Jena Six' case
Two Unitarian Universalist congregations protest racial injustice.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Fire, flood for two small churches
Featured online in another form:
New congregation in Ohio displaced by flood
Unitarian Universalist church in Findlay, Ohio, regroups after losing possessions.
By Donald E. Skinner in UU news

Young adults consider service and spirituality
Featured online in another form:
Young adult summer internships combined service, spirituality
14 UU college students took part in Summer of Spirituality and Service.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Star opens after unexpected closure
Featured online in another form:
Star Island reopens after unexpected closure
Popular N.H. summer conference center cleared by fire chief; executive director resigns.
By Jane Greer in UU news

Forgotten story of America's whites-only towns
James Loewen documents the rise of 'sundown towns' and their enduring legacy.
By Dan Carter in Bookshelf

Books by UU authors, Winter 2007
A selection of books written by Unitarian Universalists.
By Jane Greer in Books by UU authors

Sharing books, living in exile, and church vs. state
Questions for spiritual reflection and adult group discussions.
By Jane Greer in What in the World?

'Twilight Zone' writer challenged prejudice
Rod Serling, a Unitarian, confronted prejudice with innovative television scripts.
By Kimberly French in Looking back

Online Extras

Pete Stark's untroubled humanism
Regaled by a secularist group for his nontheism, the Unitarian Congressman can't fathom what the fuss is about.
By Doug Muderin UU news

The floating life
Going with the flow sounds nice, until the river tries to kill you.
By Meg Barnhouse

Psst: 'The Secret' isn't total bunk
Despite the silly 'science' and fake experts on the hit DVD, some of The Secret's advice actually helped me.
By Fred Small