Living Our Faith

  • Editorial

    The Jericho Road Project links Unitarian Universalist professionals with nonprofits in struggling cities, creating a new avenue for social justice.

    Michelle Bates Deakin
  • Life
    One year after a gunman opened fire in the Unitarian Universalist church in Knoxville, the congregation’s minister reflects on the spirituality that has sustained his people.
    Christopher Buice
  • Editorial

    Unitarian Universalism is growing rapidly in Africa, uniting people from many tribes to serve the poor.

    Scott Kraft
  • Spirit

    Volunteering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina—and the aftermath of my diagnosis with ALS—has helped me appreciate the complexity of asking for, and offering, help.

    Mary J Harrington
  • Editorial
    President William G. Sinkford looks back on eight years of leadership.
    Christopher L. Walton
  • Life
    The Karma Fairy is laughing her head off at the SUV in my driveway.
    Meg Barnhouse